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A consistent and high-quality blog presence isn’t just an option – it’s vital to your brand’s success. Yet the task of creating captivating content at scale can be overwhelming, mainly when resources are limited or expertise is lacking. Enter blog outsourcing: the secret weapon many businesses utilize to maintain online relevance while freeing up time for other priorities.

In this article, I’ll dive into the benefits of outsourcing your blog writing, explore various options, and share tips on finding the right writers, who’ll help supercharge your content strategy. Get ready to discover the magic formula for unlocking unprecedented growth using outsourced blogging.

What Is Blog Outsourcing?

What Is Blog Outsourcing?

Blog outsourcing refers to delegating the responsibility of creating and managing blog content to external experts or agencies rather than handling it in-house. 

This process typically involves hiring freelance writers, content marketing agencies, gig-based platforms, or working with AI-powered writing tools like SEOwind AI Writer to generate drafts swiftly.

With several options for outsourcing your blog-writing needs, let’s consider why you should utilize this approach and how you can do so effectively.

Why Should You Outsource Blog Writing?

Why Should You Outsource Blog Writing?

Outsourcing your blog writing can provide numerous benefits to you and your business. By taking this approach, you’ll gain access to skilled writers, save time and money and increase conversions on your website.

Gain Access to Skilled Writers

When you outsource blog writing, you’re opening up opportunities to work with diverse, experienced writers. These experts may bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and knowledge from various industries that are invaluable for creating engaging content. This advantage is crucial since one of the essential elements in maintaining a successful blog is having a steady stream of high-quality articles published.

By outsourcing article writing to professionals who possess relevant expertise in your niche market or subject matter, you’ll ensure that:

  • The content produced is well-researched and authoritative.
  • Unique insights are brought forward that internal teams might have yet to consider.
  • Blog posts will be more appealing (due to captivating storytelling) and shareable through different channels such as social media platforms or email newsletters.

Moreover, outsourced blogging enables you to ramp up content production on demand without needing a dedicated in-house staff writer — allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of growing your business empire.

Save Time and Money

Outsourcing blog posts allows businesses and individuals to save valuable time by shifting the burden of content creation onto someone else’s plate. Thinking about topics, researching ideas, editing drafts—all these tasks take up hours of precious time better spent on strategy-making or other pressing concerns when running a company effectively.

In addition to conserving time and resources, outsourcing blogging also leads to cost savings in different ways:

  1. No need for hiring full-time employees – With outsourced articles comes flexibility – you only pay for what’s required while avoiding costly overhead costs like salaries, benefits packages, and office space setup charges associated with hiring permanent staff.
  2. Choose from budget-friendly options – You can choose the most suitable writer at your desired price. With multiple platforms available, you can find highly skilled talents aligning with your content goals and budget.
  3. Scale as needed – Pay only for the amount of work commissioned. When demand for content is low, you can invest less in outsourcing without being tied down to the ongoing commitment of retaining a full-time writer.

Increase Conversions

The ultimate goal for any business-focused content creator or website owner is driving conversions — whether it’s generating leads, increasing sales, or enhancing brand awareness. Engaging blog posts are crucial for achieving this objective because they draw readership and interest.

Outsourcing article writing allows you to publish high-quality content regularly. This blogging strategy improves search engine rankings by keeping your site fresh with new information and keyword-rich pages attracting organic traffic from search engines like Google.

Moreover, professional writers also understand persuasive techniques that encourage readers to take specific actions — such as signing up for newsletters or purchasing products/ services featured within articles. By leveraging their expertise when outsourcing blogging, several benefits may arise:

  • Increased site engagement through attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings,
  • Content optimization through skillful use of keywords
  • Social media shares due to engaging copywriting techniques,
  • Rising conversion rates resulting from compelling calls-to-action weaved seamlessly into blog pieces.

Investing in outsourced blogging can lead directly towards improved visibility online and increased revenue generation opportunities linked closely with successful digital marketing campaigns.

What Should You Consider Before Outsourcing Your Blog Writing?

Before embarking on the blog outsourcing journey, it’s crucial to consider several factors that will influence your success. By evaluating these elements, you can make informed decisions and yield better results from outsourcing efforts.

Determine Your Blogging Needs

The first step in the process is understanding what you need from an outsourced writer. Ask yourself:

  1. How frequently do you want to publish blog posts?
  2. Do you need multiple writers for varying topics or a dedicated writer for each subject matter?
  3. What type of expertise should your ideal writer possess?
  4. Is there specific industry jargon or writing style you require?

A clear idea of your blogging needs will help you pinpoint the right candidate and contribute significantly to streamlining collaboration.

Focus on Quality Over Price

While outsourcing blog writing may be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house content team, don’t let price alone guide your decision-making process. Prioritize high-quality blog content to drive user engagement and conversion rates, ultimately generating a higher return on investment (ROI). To maintain quality standards when outsourcing:

  • Request writing samples to assess prospects’ skills.
  • Choose writers with experience in your niche.
  • Opt for professionals who understand SEO principles and have good acceptability in search engines.

Remember that well-crafted, informative content establishes credibility with readers and yields long-term benefits across platforms.

Educate Your Blog Writers

Though professional freelance writers possess extensive research skills, informing them about your specific industry landscape helps ensure richer content quality. Share essential resources such as brand guidelines, competitor analysis insights, marketing strategies, and target audience personas with the outsourced writer(s). Encourage open communication where they can ask questions or request additional information.

Empowering writers with deep context enables them to develop original articles that resonate with targeted readers while protecting your brand identity.

Identify Preferences for Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

With multiple blog writing services available, understanding your preferences and expectations is essential. To choose the right service for your needs:

  • Assess the pros and cons of freelance platforms, agencies, independent contractors, or gig sites.
  • Consider turnaround times for blog content delivery.
  • Reflect on whether you’re looking for one-time contributions or long-term collaborations.

Note that each option has varying degrees of control over crucial factors such as cost, expertise level, and project management.

Addressing these considerations before blog outsourcing allows you to optimize resource allocation and build a tailored and efficient process per your unique requirements. Doing so will ultimately strengthen your online presence through engaging, authoritative content catered to your target audience’s interests and concerns.

5 Options for Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

5 Options for Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

Regarding blog outsourcing, numerous ways exist to find the perfect blog writer to provide the quality content you want. This section explores five different options that suit various needs and preferences.

Content Agencies

One option to outsource blog writing is by hiring a content agency. These agencies generally have a team of skilled writers with expertise in various industries, ensuring your blog posts will be well-researched and tailored to your needs. Moreover, they often offer additional services like content strategy advice and SEO optimization.

  • Pros: Access to a diverse pool of experienced writers; professional project management; additional specialized content writing services
  • Cons: Higher costs compared to other options; potential lack of personal connection with individual writers

Content Writing Platforms

Blog content writing platforms like Textbroker or Scripted offer another solution for outsourcing article writing. When using these platforms, you submit your project requirements and select from a roster of pre-vetted freelance writers who fit your criteria. This option provides convenience in locating qualified professionals while allowing control over selecting specific writers.

  • Pros: Simplicity in finding suitable writers; structured workflow processes; cost-effective pricing structures
  • Cons: Limited communication channels between client and freelance writer; possible inconsistency among multiple assignments

Marketplace for Freelance Services

Outsourcing blogging through marketplaces such as Upwork or Fiverr offers flexibility and access to a diverse range of freelancers worldwide. On these platforms, you create job postings specifying project details, deadlines, budget limits, and other relevant factors that will help attract prospective candidates.

  • Pros: Excellent source for discovering newer freelance talent at affordable rates; flexible payment terms based on deliverables/projects
  • Cons: Time-consuming vetting process due to high number of applicants per job posting; potential concerns about quality assurance

Independent Freelance Writers

Working directly with an independent freelance writer can also be a great way to outsource blog posts. This option allows you to foster personalized relationships with your freelance writer, who will become familiar with your brand, goals, and expectations over time. You can use social media or networking websites like LinkedIn to find these independent professionals.

  • Pros: Direct communication channels; opportunity for long-term partnerships; customized content aligned with business objectives
  • Cons: The higher possibility of fluctuating availability based on the freelancer’s workload; possible difficulty in locating ideal candidates

Seeking Freelance Writer Pitches Online

Sometimes, talented writers are actively looking for opportunities online. You may see their pitches on social media, industry-based forums, or your website comments section. While this method might require more risk-taking and uncertainty compared to other options, it could result in finding a hidden gem that fits perfectly within your blogging endeavors.

  • Pros: Chance to stumble upon exceptional freelance talent organically; increased enthusiasm from prospective freelance writers due to their initiative
  • Cons: Less structured collaboration process; the possibility of establishing unrealistic expectations based on collected writing samples

Each of these outsourcing methods has its benefits and challenges. Depending on the needs of your project and personal preferences, some options may prove more suitable than others. Therefore, take the time to carefully assess your requirements before selecting which path to pursue when outsourcing your blog writing process.

Using SEOwind AI Writer as a Blog Outsourcing Tool

Incorporating an AI tool like SEOwind AI Writer into your blog outsourcing strategy can be a game-changer for content marketing strategy and creation. With this cutting-edge platform, you can effortlessly generate high-quality drafts within minutes and ensure that your final output meets the desired standards.

seowind homepage

Write High-Quality Blog Post Drafts Within 30 Minutes

Blog outsourcing often requires hiring skilled writers and investing time in coordinating with them. However, SEOwind AI Writer can rapidly generate well-crafted blog post drafts in 30 minutes, including in-depth content and keyword research! This powerful tool leverages artificial intelligence to conduct research, create comprehensive outlines, and write optimized content that resonates with your target audience, helping you streamline blog content creation and stay ahead of the competition.

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It’s essential to monitor SEO performance when outsourcing blogging. The AI writer ensures that each generated draft is tailored according to your specific keywords and search engine optimization requirements, raising the visibility of your online presence.

Use Cyborg Method – Let Your Content Team Add Value on Top

One practical approach to maximize the potential of AI blog outsourcing is adopting the Cyborg Method. This unique method combines human expertise with advanced AI-powered tools like SEOwind’s AI writer. Your in-house content team will take the initial draft created by the AI writer and customize it further by adding their unique insights or personal experiences if necessary.

This hybrid approach gives you more control over consistency, brand voice, and style while leveraging state-of-the-art technology for efficiency. It also encourages collaboration between your team members as they refine the content based on their industry knowledge.

To make this process simple:

  1. Generate a high-quality blog draft using SEOwind AI Writer.
  2. Share the draft with your in-house writers.
  3. Encourage them to add value by including case studies, anecdotes, or other engaging elements relevant to your niche.
  4. Edit and proofread for quality assurance.
  5. Optimize the final blog post for SEO performance.

By implementing SEOwind AI Writer alongside your human content team, you can strike the perfect balance between technological innovation and unique perspectives to create captivating content in less time, driving better results through your blog outsourcing efforts.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Writer

Before you embark on the journey of blog outsourcing, it’s crucial to ask yourself some questions that can help determine the best fit for your needs. This way, you can make an informed decision and set yourself up for success by partnering with a writer who can bring your concepts to life.

What is the Budget?

The first question you should consider when outsourcing blog writing is your budget. Costs will vary significantly depending on the writer’s experience, content requirements, and project scope. Establishing a clear budget beforehand is essential to know what you can afford and avoid surprises.

When determining your budget, remember these points:

  • Outline specific deliverables or goals tied to your investment
  • Be prepared to adjust if necessary based on market rates
  • Factor in additional costs like editing services or subscription fees for content management platforms

Allocating a fair and manageable budget ensures both parties are satisfied while fostering a healthy working relationship.

How Involved Do You Want to Be in the Writing Process?

Managing outsourced blog writing takes time and effort; thus, knowing how involved you want (or need) to be in overseeing this process is vital. 

Consider these three levels of involvement:

  1. High Involvement: Actively participating from conception through final edits.
  2. Moderate Involvement: Providing feedback after reviewing draft versions but allowing writers more autonomy.
  3. Low involvement: Practically hands-off throughout most stages until approving finished pieces.

Recognizing which level works best for you allows allocating resources effectively while avoiding potential bottlenecks or misunderstandings.

Do You Want Specialized Writers or Generalists?

Another critical factor in outsourcing blogging is hiring good writers, specializing in particular niches or generalists adept at various subjects. Making an informed choice will ensure your message reaches its intended audience while maintaining consistency across all channels.

Consider these scenarios when choosing between a specialist and a generalist:

  • Specialists are often best suited for technical/complex topics or those requiring in-depth domain knowledge. They may command higher rates due to their expertise. Still, the quality of content produced can result in more significant engagement.
  • Generalists have broad writing experience across various industries, making them versatile options. Ideal for projects that demand versatility and flexibility, a generalist might be more cost-effective yet produce high-quality results depending on your requirements.

By asking yourself these pivotal questions before hiring an outsourced blog writer, you’ll ensure that you find someone who can fulfill your specific needs. Preparing ahead will create a strong foundation for collaboration and enable smoother workflows throughout blog outsourcing.

Tips for Hiring High-Quality Writers

Tips for Hiring High-Quality Writers

Outsourcing blog writing can yield exceptional results and bring numerous benefits to your business. However, hiring high-quality writers capable of producing engaging and informative content is crucial. Here are some essential tips that will aid in identifying the right professionals for your blog outsourcing needs.

Provide Reasons for Applying

When posting a job advertisement or sending out requests for proposals, highlight the unique aspects of your project or company that would entice prospective high-quality writers to apply. Share opportunities for growth, exposure, or creative freedom available to successful applicants. By showcasing the distinctive benefits of working with you, you’ll attract genuinely dedicated professionals well-suited to meet your content requirements.

  • Encourage potential candidates by offering a consistent workflow.
  • Showcase opportunities for long-term collaboration
  • Emphasize creativity and flexibility in assignments.

Ask Writers to Apply With a Particular Subject Line

During the application phase, request that prospective writers use a specific subject line when submitting their materials. This helps streamline communication while weeding out those who may not be detail-oriented or attentive enough to follow basic instructions. Additionally, it allows a quick judgment on their ability to pay attention and adhere strictly to written guidelines.

  • Test professionalism by using obscure or unusual keywords as subject lines
  • Use clear instructions to elicit correctness during the application process.
  • Monitor adherence closely during other stages of hiring as well.

Ask Insightful Questions During the Interview Process

The interview stage presents an opportunity to assess candidates’ writing skills and depth of knowledge, adaptability, and compatibility with your existing team. Develop an insightful set of questions that reveal different facets of each applicant’s abilities – from researching complex topics to conveying ideas concisely within SEO-friendly text structures.

Some potential areas of focus include:

  1. Writing background: Request examples of previous work to gauge stylistic range and versatility.
  2. Industry expertise: Look for candidates with prior knowledge or experience in your niche to ensure an informed approach and less onboarding time.
  3. Editing ability: Quality content also involves proofreading and polishing text – ascertain each applicant’s level of self-editing prowess.
  4. Timeliness and work ethic: Deadlines are critical for a successful blog, so examine their commitment to punctuality and efficiency.
  5. Adaptability: Ask about experiences handling constructive feedback, collaborating with editors, and incorporating revisions into their writing process.

By implementing these targeted tips during the hiring stage, you can significantly improve the chances of finding the perfect writer(s) to elevate your outsourced blog efforts to new heights of excellence – driving engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth through high-quality content creation.

How to Get the Best Results From Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

How to Get the Best Results From Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

Create Content Style Guides and Templates

Create content style guides for your outsourced writers to ensure consistency and adhere to your brand’s voice. A style guide provides guidelines on language usage, tone, formatting, and other elements contributing to your blog’s overall presentation.

In addition, using templates can streamline the writing process by offering pre-defined structures for common types of content. By providing these resources for your outsource blog writing team, you not only set clear expectations but also increase the effectiveness of their work.

Optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential if you want your blog posts to rank well in search engine results. To achieve this:

  1. Conduct keyword research: Select relevant keywords (3-5 per article) commonly searched within your niche.
  2. Incorporate keywords naturally and strategically: Your outsourced writers should integrate them organically in headers, meta descriptions, and throughout the content.
  3. Use internal and external links: Include valuable hyperlinks to reputable sources or backlinks within older articles from your website.

By optimizing each blog post for SEO through these strategies, you’ll improve your online visibility and drive organic traffic.

Use Collaboration Tools

Effective communication is crucial when working with an outsource blogging team. Utilize collaboration tools such as Asana, Trello, or Slack to manage tasks efficiently. These platforms allow real-time conversation tracking and help organize assignments.

For document collaboration, consider tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Teams, where multiple users can access files simultaneously while maintaining version control history.

Validate Topics Before Writing

Before assigning topics to your outsourced blogging team:

  1. Perform comprehensive market research: Ensure there’s enough interest from readers about the subject matter.
  2. Analyze competition: Assess how other websites have covered similar topics.
  3. Consider reader feedback: Determine what challenges or questions they face within the domain of discussion.

Validating topics ensures you address significant issues that will engage your audience and increase readership.

Prepare an Outline for Every Article

To guarantee outsourced writers deliver unique blog content, request a comprehensive outline before they commence writing. This outline should have the following:

  1. A tentative structure: Clear headers and subheaders to depict article flow.
  2. Primary objectives: Highlighting what key points should be covered.
  3. Source lists: Outline any potential references or links.

By providing outlines beforehand, you can review their proposed approach, suggest changes when necessary, and align everyone’s expectations.

Treat First Submissions as Drafts

Receiving quality work from your outsource blog writing team is essential; however, giving them an opportunity for improvement is vital. Approach first submissions as drafts allowing constructive feedback cycles with multiple edit rounds whenever required.

Adjust this process based on writer experience and proficiency – over time, skilled freelancers may require fewer iterations than novices.

Have Regular Video Calls

Regular video check-ins facilitate communication between parties in outsourcing article writing. They foster relationships by adding personal elements that email or text-based exchanges might lack. Additionally, video calls clarify project goals through visual aids like presentations or screen shares.

Schedule these sessions periodically based on your team’s availability across different time zones.

Manage Writers Effectively

Managing an outsource blog writing team effectively involves:

  1. Assigning responsibilities: Identify each writer’s expected contribution.
  2. Establishing deadlines: Schedule recurring posts well in advance.
  3. Providing constructive feedback

5 Common Questions on Blog Outsourcing

5 Common Questions on Blog Outsourcing

I’m considering outsourcing blog writing. Can outsourced blog writers write high-quality content like internal content writers?

Yes, outsourced blog writers can produce high-quality content like an in-house writer. The key is finding the right fit for your company’s needs and ensuring proper communication with freelancers or agencies you engage with. When selecting an external partner for blog outsourcing, look for portfolios showcasing their past work and relevant industry expertise. Tools such as performance tracking, templates, and detailed guidelines will help maintain consistent quality.

What’s the best way to create blog content when using outsourced writers?

To create engaging and effective blog content using outsourced writers:

  1. Define your objectives: Determine the purpose of each post (informative, persuasive, sales-driven).
  2. Conduct keyword research: Identify relevant keywords to target in your blog posts.
  3. Provide clear instructions: Share any specific information regarding tone, style, format, target audience, word count, etc.
  4. Establish a workflow: Set up a system to track progress and manage deadlines efficiently.
  5. Review and provide feedback: Regularly review submitted drafts and give constructive criticism to improve future work.

Consider using a long-form AI Writer like SEOwind to create high-quality content at scale.

Adhering to these steps while working with external partners or freelance professionals ensures a smooth collaboration process that leads to great results.

How much does it cost to outsource blogging?

The cost of outsourcing blogging varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Writer’s Expertise
  • Post complexity
  • Geographic location
  • Frequency and volume of posts required

Typically, pricing models include per-word rates or fixed-price contracts per article. Independent freelancers might charge anywhere from $0.05 – $0.20+ per word based on their experience level and niche knowledge, whereas specialized writing agencies may have higher fees starting at $50 – $500+ per article due to dedicated content services offered.

Remember that prioritizing quality over cost is essential in yielding a higher ROI from your blog outsourcing efforts.

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing blog posts?


  • Access to skilled writers, providing diverse perspectives on your niche
  • Time-saving, freeing up internal resources for other tasks
  • Scalability with writing teams capable of handling fluctuating content volumes as per demand


  • The initial phase of finding and vetting reliable freelancers or content agencies may be time-consuming
  • Possible inconsistencies in the writer’s tone and style when working with multiple partners
  • Potential lack of deep understanding about your business domain by outsourced writers

By investing time upfront in selecting the right partner(s) and establishing strong communication channels, you can mitigate potential challenges and capitalize on the benefits of outsourcing blogging.

If I outsource my posts, will I have copyrights to what gets written?

Yes, you typically retain full copyright ownership when you outsource blog writing and pay for the delivered work. Ensure this is specified within agreements signed between your company and any independent content writer or agency being engaged. Well-defined contracts ensure no ambiguities around rights ownership arise later, protecting both parties while securing exclusivity to published content.

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