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AI Writing Challenge

100 AI Blog Posts published in 30 days 

Wondering what results you might get when scaling content with AI? We’ve decided to check it out. Below you will find all the details if the whole journey.

No credit card needed

100posts in 30 days challenge

#100Posts30DaysChallenge – Why

Why are we doing AI Writing Challenge?

At SEOwind we’ve decided to do a “100 Posts in 30 Days Challenge” written with our AI tool
and share with you updates with stats along the way.

Testing is fun

It’s just fun to test (and to drive some serious organic traffic with our tool)

Collecting Data

We want to hgte the data about AI articles’ performance and share it with everybody.

SEOwind AI Articles results

We want to verify the results we can achieve with AI articles written by SEOwind

Case study

We can’t share data from our customers, so this will let me show you screens and data from our own GSC.

#100Posts30DaysChallenge – How

Our approach

Cyborg Method

We use the SEOwind tool to create AI content and we optimize articles with our Cyborg Method. domain

The test will be held on the domain. Such a domain can be representative of our customers.

Regular updates

We share data every week to show what and when you can expect if you would use AI content to scale.

Day 1:
Starting point

Our history

It’s time for the kickoff where we’re sharing
our history and initial data.

01. When did we start?

We’ve launched an MVP of SEOwind at the end of November 2023 (about 6 months ago). We wanted to create a SaaS tool that will help Humans with crafting article briefs based on SEO data, that will be used to create articles that nail the search intent.

02. MVP

As the tool was really stripped down from features and was focused on essential features, users liked the concept but the tool was not bringing enough value to switch.

03. The power of feedback

In the last 6 months we’ve met 1:1 with more than 500 people. We were prioritizing product development based on the feedback that we were getting. Thanks to delivering more value to the product we slowly could see an increase in customers month over month.

04. Briefing Humans is no different than Prompting AI

At some point we’ve understood that Briefing Humans is no different than Prompting AI. If you want to get quality content you have to provide a proper input to AI to be able to write it. And this is exactly what we’ve done! (Lookup Cyborg Method in my posts if you want to learn more about our approach)

05. Only 6-8 blog articles published per month

As we focused mainly on product development and getting feedback from users, we only published 6-8 blog articles per month. We were writing them using SEOwind research for creating the briefs. This worked great, even at the small scale we were publishing.

Kick-off data starting point for #100Posts30DaysChallenge

  • Google Search Console (GSC) shows in the last 28 days – 1220 Click and 396 536 Impressions
  • According to Ahrefs, we have 106 referring domains on
  • At the end of November, we were getting 1-3 clicks per day (probably our friends searching for SEOwind :-))

Day 7:
Initial traction in growth

27 AI Articles Published using Cyborg Method

Write content that ranks not for one keyword, but for dozens of keywords.

📍 We’ve published 27 articles in the first 7 days.
On average, we publish 3,85 articles per day (counting weekends). I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s manageable. We divided the work between 2 people (writing AI content is just a part of our everyday job).

Even though it’s very early, we already see some traction in growth.

According to GSC, we can see the following numbers Week over Week (WoW):
💪 1. CLICKS grew by 26,6%.
The week before, when we started the challenge, we had 357 Clicks; last week, it grew to 452 Clicks.
💪 2. TOTAL IMPRESSIONS grew by 34,1%.
The week before, we had 117K impressions compared to 157K impressions last week.

Higher % growth of impressions compared to clicks was expected. First, we must show up anywhere in SERP, and the clicks will follow.

100postsin30daysChallenge Day 7

Start writing content that hits
traffic goals, every time.