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Use data to build SEO optimized content.
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Don’t dig through tons of SEO data to create a perfect brief

You can hit your SEO jackpot every time if you base content creation on data. We simplify the overwhelming amount of SEO data to ready-to-use hints.

  • Make data driven decision on topics to cover
  • Bring skyscraper technique for content creation to the next level
  • Unlock new questions and content your customers are searching for
Tons of SEO data
Ramp up organic traffic

Ramp up your organic traffic

Make organic traffic a sustainable source of leads for your company every month. Published evergreen articles can bring you traffic for years.

  • Make informed decisions on what you want to rank for
  • Rank higher for keywords that bring you value
  • Help Google rank your website for what you want

Save time and money

The detailed SEO content brief makes the process right from the beginning. Copywriters deliver the content faster and of better quality.

  • Make your instructions for the content writer clear and fast to implement
  • Don’t waste time on fixing weak drafts
  • Stop writing content that nobody is searching for
Save time and money
Publish more

Publish more and grow faster

Streamline your content creation process and make sure that you are hitting your traffic goals every time. Once you have it you’re ready for scaling.

  • Put content creation on autopilot
  • Make content your predictable revenue stream
  • Create more content that brings you more $$$