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Surfer SEO vs Frase

Choosing the right SEO Content Intelligence Tool can revolutionize the way you connect with your audience. In this comprehensive comparison, understand which one aligns with your goals and promises to take your content creation to new heights. Compare their features, ease of use, and performance now to master your content strategy.

Compare Surfer SEO vs Frase vs SEOwind in detail below.

surfer seo vs frase

Surfer SEO vs Frase

So Why choose SEOwind 

over Surfer SEO and Frase?

SEOwind gives you a complete AI Writing and SEO tool for creating articles and blog posts that rank and drive relevant traffic.

Surfer SEO



Long-form AI Writing
SEO-optimized AI Writing
Brand Voice Customization
Company Details for AI
AI-Assisted Keyword Selection
Competitor analysis
Content brief
SEO Content Brief based on data
AI-generated Outline SERP based
AI keyword clustering
SERP analyzer
Competitive content analysis
Keyword research
Common questions asked by users
Questions from Quora
Questions from Reddit
AI-generated title
AI-generated meta description
150+ countries
150+ countries
150+ countries
Money back guarantee
Starting plan

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I’ve been testing and using AI tools since 2021, and nothing I have seen comes close to what I’ve seen SEOwind produce regarding 1st draft quality for SEO-related content. What’s scary is that it will only get better with time.

andrew holland jbh

Andrew Holland
Director of SEO, JBH


Fast and efficient

How SEOwind works

Craft killer AI content in a flash. Tap into powerful SEO. Win the web with SEOwind’s traffic-driving content.

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01. SEO research with a click

Toss in your keyword. Boom – SEOwind dissects top Google hits. Get winning headlines, keywords, and must-answer questions. Snag our secret formula for word counts, headings, and images to elevate your SEO.

02. Outlines in a Snap

Use SEOwind’s slick Outline Builder. It’s your inside scoop on Google’s favorites and your ticket to beating the best.

03. AI-Powered Precision

Want next-level speed? Let AI spin an Outline from the web’s wisdom and SEO gold. Watch it whip up smart titles and sharp meta tags, too.

04. Brand Soul Meets AI Smarts

Teach AI the language of your brand, oozing with distinct flavor and charm. Feed it rich details about what you sell and who you woo, for content that resonates and captivates.

05. AI-Crafted Articles, SEO Jackpot

Turn AI-generated outlines into first-draft articles in a flash. Always SEO-smooth, always impactful.

Surfer SEO details

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a data-driven Content Intelligence tool crafted for optimizing web content to climb the ranks of search engine results.

With its real-time analysis, Surfer SEO provides actionable insights, suggesting content adjustments to enhance visibility and drive more organic traffic, making it a valuable asset for savvy content strategists and marketers.

01. Advanced Keyword Analysis

Key Surfer SEO provides in-depth keyword insights, analyzing not just volume and difficulty, but also user intent and SERP competitiveness, enabling you to target the right keywords effectively.

02. Content Optimization Suggestions

The tool offers real-time suggestions to optimize your content for SEO, from improving meta tags and headings to suggesting content enhancements to boost relevancy and authority on given topics.

03. SERP Analyzer

Surfer SEO breaks down the top pages in search results, giving insights on keyword usage, structure, and common backlinks to tailor your content strategy.

01. Data-Driven Guidance

Delivers precise, data-backed recommendations for optimizing content effectively, leading to potential improvements in search engine rankings.

02. Collaboration-Friendly

Teams can work together seamlessly with shared projects and reports, boosting efficiency.

03. Comprehensive Reporting

The tool generates detailed reports that not only highlight SEO performance but also provide actionable insights, allowing you to measure progress and adapt strategies with precision.

01. Overwhelming for Beginners

The depth of data and the number of features can be overwhelming for those new to SEO, potentially creating a steep learning curve.

02. AI Limitations

While the AI Writer is helpful, it often generates suggestions that require human intervention to ensure creativity and content uniqueness.

03. Pricing for Premium Features

While Surfer SEO offers robust features, the best insights are gated behind premium plans, which might be costly for individual bloggers or small businesses.

Frase details

What is Frase?

Frase is an innovative content intelligence tool designed to transform the way writers approach content creation.

By integrating advanced artificial intelligence, it provides valuable insights that allow users to conduct swift and efficient research, construct audience-centric content, and evaluate competitive keywords.

Ideal for small business owners, bloggers, freelancers, and agencies, Frase streamlines the content development process, facilitates swift optimization, and boosts online presence, making it an indispensable ally in the race for top search engine rankings.

01. Comprehensive Content Briefs

Frase excels in rapid content brief generation, leveraging its ability to dissect top-performing content and equipping users with actionable insights. It provides an efficient roadmap for creating content that is both relevant and competitive.

02. AI Writing Assistant

With Frase’s AI writing assistant, crafting SEO-optimized articles becomes a smoother process. This tool not only suggests content templates but also assists in constructing and refining sentences, ensuring every piece is primed for SEO success.

03. Detailed Optimization Feedback

The platform’s analytical prowess shines through its in-depth content optimization feedback. Frase offers a scoring system that contrasts your content with the competition, allowing for laser-focused enhancements to boost search engine visibility and relevance.

01. Accelerated Content Research

Frase excels at compressing hours of content analysis into minutes, offering actionable insights derived from competing content that can help guide your content planning and execution phases, leading to more informed, strategic creation.

02. Eliminating Writer’s Block

The built-in Frase assistant is akin to having a co-writer, ready to jump in with suggestions for sentence structures or entire paragraphs. This AI-driven feature significantly reduces the time spent staring at a blank page, seamlessly facilitating the content ideation and production process.

03. Enhanced Content Optimization

Frase points out crucial keywords and related topics you might have missed. This leads to a finely-tuned SEO strategy that increases the chances of your content ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), connecting you with your target audience.

01. Basic Writing Assistance

Frase can assist with elementary writing tasks such as formulating quick paragraphs or expanding on sentences. However, those looking to produce in-depth, long-form content may find its capabilities somewhat lacking.

02. Steeper Learning Curve

The platform presents a multifaceted interface that newcomers might find daunting. Mastery of Frase’s functions demands time and patience, as efficient use is gated by its inherent complexity.

03. Elementary Optimization Techniques

For novices in content optimization, Frase’s content grader can point the way with its focus on keyword usage. Nonetheless, seasoned professionals may find this feature underwhelming, given its rudimentary approach to the nuanced demands of SEO.

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