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SEOwind AI Article Writer

SEOwind isn’t just another AI writing tool.
It’s the BEST way to drive traffic. 

SEOwind feeds AI with data so that you can get high-quality SEO articles. Enjoy your traffic soar. 

High-quality AI content that drives traffic and leads

Why choose SEOwind?

Most AI writing tools use AI purely as a search engine, getting shallow, empty, and repetitive content.
For us, research is 90% of the work, and AI writing is a cherry on top.

In-depth content research

SEOwind writes AI articles using SEO, SERP data, top-performing content, keyword research, and search intent analysis.

Smart prompting

We feed GPT 9k words of relevant data to produce 3k-word articles with quality outlines, titles, descriptions, and keywords.

SEO-optimized articles

Our AI articles are SEO-optimized with relevant structure, topics, keywords, and links for better content ranking.

Unique articles

SEOwind crafts articles in your brand voice with up-to-date product data, enriched with statistics and quotes, and your own insights.


I’ve been testing and using AI tools since 2021, and nothing I have seen comes close to what I’ve seen SEOwind produce regarding 1st draft quality for SEO-related content. What’s scary is that it will only get better with time.

Andrew Holland | Director of SEO, JBH

SEOwind does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

SEOwind does the research, outlining, writing, and optimizing in under 20 minutes. Delivering an amazing article’s first draft.

Enter your focus keyword into SEOwind so that we can do the research for you.

Get all the data on top-ranking SERPs, keywords, and questions in one place. No more dozens of open tabs.

  • SEO data for top-ranking pages,
  • Their titles and meta descriptions, outlines, length, and keywords,
  • Keywords clustered with AI,
  • Relevant questions from Google, Quora, and Reddit.
seowind conduct research

A comprehensive and well-researched brief is fundamental for high-quality content.

Within 1-click, you’ll have a content outline that is objectively better than your competitors.

Our SEO content briefs are relevant, and comprehensive, based on tons of SEO data which keeps AI on track for nailing the search intent.

You can either rely fully on our AI outline, enrich it with your own ideas, or do it based on competitor research.

Before diving into AI writing, ensure it reflects your brand’s unique identity. Personalize the AI’s input by specifying:

  • Your distinct Brand Voice and Tone,
  • Detailed Company, Product, or Service information,
  • Precise Target Audience characteristics,
  • Integrate with Google Search Console for internal linking.

Let SEOwind add internal links, relevant statistics, and quotes. Providing these details enables the AI to tailor content that truly represents your brand, is information-rich, and connects effectively with your intended audience.

Add your expertise, know-how, and experience to enrich your AI article.

SEOwind uses your insights when writing an AI article, making your article unique and original. Here’s a broad list of what insights you can share:

  • Personal Experience
  • Actionable Tips
  • Research Findings
  • Tools and Resources
  • Personal Opinions
  • Collaborative Insights
seowind add your insights

SEOwind walks you through the essentials of SEO optimization.

  • Get internal links by integrating with Google Search Console.
  • Write the AI title and description.
  • Get keywords relevant to your topic.

Unlike any other writing tool, SEOwind combines in-depth content research, comprehensive outlines, SEO, and AI to write content that ranks.

SEOwind AI articles.

  • get indexed,
  • drive traffic,
  • bring conversions.

AI Content that ranks

Who is SEOwind for?

Whether you’re a content agency, a content team of 5, or a solo entrepreneur, SEOwind is for you if…

You lack the time to turn your blog into a strong traffic magnet

You lack the budget for an in-house writer.

You lack time to become a proficient, prompt engineer

Finding affordable, high-quality freelance writers is a challenge

AI content currently fails to meet your quality standards

You need to deliver numerous top-notch articles to outdo competitors

Case study #100Posts30DaysChallenge

Our AI Articles bring traffic and we have data to prove it. Others don’t.

We use the tool that we created. We tested it on ourselves. We’re proud on the results we got.




AI Articles Published


Clicks Growth


Total Impression Increase

SEOwind Features

AI Article Writer for SEO Features

Most AI writing tools use AI purely as a search engine, getting shallow, empty, and repetitive content. For us, research is 90% of the work, and AI writing is a cherry on top.

SEO research

Get an in-depth analysis of top-performing pages – their meta tags, word count, outlines, and keywords.

AI outlines

Create an automated content outline based on tons of SEO data to nail the search intent.

AI-generated meta description

Full control over AI outline

Customize SEOwind outlines based on what ranks. Include user questions to stand out.

Your own insights

Feed AI with your insights, expertise, and know-how. Your AI articles will be more original and authentic. 

Brand Voice aligned

Feed AI with your tone of voice. This will make articles sound like you.

Company details added

Add your company and product details. This way AI articles will include only up-to-date information about your business.

Stats and quotes included

SEOwind will analyze data relevant to your topic and add statistics and relevant quotes to your AI article.

Internal Links

Integrated with your Google Search Console and let SEOwind add internal links to your AI article.  


Write articles in 12 languages. Reach your audience in their language. 

User Questions

Use user questions from Google, Quora, and Reddit to get deeper insights into what your audience needs.

In-built prompts

When writing our articles, the input that we give to AI is around 9k words for every 3k words of the article we create.

Questions from Google

GSC Integration

Possibility of integrating with Google Search Console to get internal links and content gap analysis. 

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Sample AI articles

Check out our sample AI Articles written with SEOwind powered by CyborgMethod™

Here are a few sample blog posts published on SEOwind domain

20 Link Building Strategies: Get Ahead in 2024

Effective link-building strategies are essential for businesses to stay ahead in organic search engine rankings. Discover the secrets of 2024’s top-performing link-building strategies!

Supercharge Your SEO with Rich Snippets

Distinguishing yourself from the overwhelming amount of information available on search engines is crucial for success. Enter rich snippets – an advanced approach to improving your website’s visibility and engagement on SERPs.

The Definitive Guide: How to Write White Paper [with AI]

White papers have become a staple for businesses seeking expertise and authority. Learn everything you need to know about writing white papers that command attention.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What sort of content does SEOwind work for?

SEOwind works best for long-form content like blog posts and articles. It lets you create AI content based on research of top-performing content, helping you nail the search intent. This functionality enhances search engine optimization and audience engagement by producing relevant and effective content.

Are SEOwind articles safe for Google?

Absolutely! SEOwind articles leverage the innovative CyborgMethod™, a process that harmoniously blends human creativity with AI efficiency. This unique approach ensures that every step is designed to foster collaboration between human insight and AI capabilities, from the initial content brief through the AI-assisted writing phase to the final human touch that polishes and refines the content.

The result? You get the best of both worlds – the unmatched creativity of humans coupled with the speed and precision of AI. Rest assured, this method not only produces engaging and high-quality content but also aligns perfectly with Google’s guidelines, ensuring your SEO efforts are both safe and effective.

Are SEOwind articles SEO-optimized?

SEOwind articles are finely tuned for SEO optimization. Through a meticulous content creation process, they are crafted with an optimal structure, strategically incorporating both primary and secondary keywords while also covering relevant topics. Moreover, integrating with GSC enhances your articles even further, automatically embedding internal links right into your AI-generated content. It’s a seamless way to ensure your articles are not only reader-friendly but also primed to climb the SEO ranks.

How do you make sure SEOwind articles are high-quality?

At SEOwind, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our articles are of the highest quality. We achieve this through comprehensive content research and our unique CyborgMethod™ approach. By meticulously analyzing the topics and structure of top-performing content, as well as the questions users frequently ask, we’re able to craft articles that truly resonate with readers. Moreover, we enhance our content with statistical data and insightful quotes, adding even more value. This meticulous and thoughtful approach is our secret to creating articles that stand out

How is SEOwind different from other tools like ChatGPT/Jasper/ etc?

SEOwind sets itself apart by prioritizing research to understand search intent precisely. Our emphasis on uncovering the most relevant topics, structures, questions, keywords, and data ensures that the content perfectly aligns with the subject matter. Think of AI writing as the finishing touch that enhances the already solid foundation, making SEOwind a distinctively effective tool in comparison to others like ChatGPT, Jasper,, etc.

What if I need content in other languages?

Absolutely, we’ve got you covered! Our AI content creation capabilities span across the globe, offering support in an impressive variety of languages. Whether you’re looking for content in English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, or Swedish, we’ve got you covered. With our services available in over 180 locations worldwide, we’re here to help you communicate effectively in the language of your choice.

Can I test SEOwind out?

You can explore the full potential of SEOwind through our special offer: a 7-day trial for just $7. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience all the features SEOwind offers and see how it can benefit your content and SEO efforts.

Tom Winter

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