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It’s easy to think of content creation as just a copywriting task. Simply give a marketer a topic and some ideas you’d like represented and wait for the well-written content to pour in! But while this might work with a copywriter who has expertise in your field, it is far from guaranteed to produce written material of the quality you expect. If you want high-quality written material, you’ll need to put together a content outline. This will provide guidance regarding the layout, subject matter, and SEO strategy that needs to be involved. Doing so will cut the work required by your copywriter, meaning that you’ll get content faster and in the form you want.

However, preparing the outline takes time, which is almost certainly in short supply! So, how can you build the guidelines your copywriters need without adding too much to your own plate? Try using an outline generator.

What is an outline generator?

An outlining generator is a tool that automates the process by which a detailed brief gets created. It takes the most essential elements of your planned content and summarizes them chronologically. The resulting document works as a framework that guides the development of a polished draft.

Typically, an outline generator will produce this summary as a series of bullet points that form a comprehensive guide. An effective outline tool will even organize this information in a logical way that minimizes errors.

At the end of the day, an automated outline writer exists to free you from the outlining process. With the right tool, you’ll no longer need to worry about preparing an effective brief. Instead, after entering some essential information, you can let the outline maker get to work.

When should you use an outline generator?

As with any kind of solution out there, different outline generators fit different needs. That means there are a number of unique circumstances that will make this sort of tool relevant.

Let’s start with the most obvious scenario: a marketing manager lacks the time or experience to produce their own outlines. We all find ourselves in a time crunch at some point or another. When that happens, it can lessen the burden and allow you to focus on other critical tasks. 

But think beyond the obvious and you’ll find a number of different circumstances that might call for an outline creator. Writer’s block represents a common and tricky hurdle that a quickly-built outline can alleviate. Or, imagine if you know a broad topic you’d like to cover but aren’t sure how to approach it. An outlining maker can organize information in such a way that clarifies exactly how you want to tackle a tricky article.

AI speeds up the pace of outline generation

Using an outline tool online is all about saving time. Ironically, this means that you should start by spending some extra time looking through your options to find the perfect fit. To make a play on a familiar adage, you have to spend time to save time.

In particular, pay attention to the AI-powered features provided by the various tools. The best outline maker online can take in various inputs such as tone, keywords, length, and topic to build a truly potent outline to guide content creation.

What should you use outline generators for?

Fortunately, the best outline software is very flexible and supports a wide variety of content types. So while blogs and articles come to mind first, they hardly represent the extent of outline AI potential. Here is a list of some of the options that an outline generator can support:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Landing pages
  • Personal bios
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media content
  • Video scripts
  • Quora answers
  • Press releases.

AI generators vs SEO generators: what’s the difference?

While you have a large number of potential solutions to choose from, they broadly fit into two categories: AI generators and SEO generators. Let’s cover each and what makes them distinct.

As the names imply, the two types of outline generators rely on different primary models. SEO generators develop outlines based on data and Google rankings. These tools draw upon high-ranking content and keyword information to identify key headings and make layout decisions.

Meanwhile, AI-based outline generators analyze a subject from the perspective of a language model rather than a knowledge model. This means that while they collect key information on your topic of choice, AI outline generators won’t provide data related to search engine users. So, while such a tool will help develop logically effective content, it cannot guarantee that the result will be relevant to your audience. 

As both SEO strategy and creative considerations are essential for effective content, be aware of which category fits your solution. Knowing how an outline maker app works and why will help to work around its potential limitations.

5 Best Outline Generators

SEOwind – The Best SEO Outline Generator

SEOwind outline generator

Source: SEOwind 

SEOwind Summary

SEOwind provides an online outline tool that analyzes data based on key input to develop content outlines. Once the process concludes, users only need to browse a single page that contains the results.

SEOwind Pros

By combining AI and SEO into a single tool, SEOwind brings together the best of both categories and does all the research for you. Based on this analysis and your input, it offers suggestions for headings, titles, and meta descriptions. Above all else, SEOwind is easy to use and accessible to marketers of all experience levels.

This is one of the best outliner software options out there if you’re looking to guide content creation based on your competitors’ best practices. SEOwind uses SEO data to define a layout and determine H2 and H3 headers. To top it all off, this tool allows users to create an outline in its editor before assisting with optimization.

SEOwind Cons

SEOwind core feature is SEO outline generation. It’s simple and user-friendly. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive all-in-one SEO tool, SEOwind might not cover your needs. 

SEOwind Pricing

SEOwind offers four pricing tiers that alter the number of briefs you can produce every month and the features to which you’ll have access. The free option provides four briefs with 10 SERP analyses, key questions to answer, and copy-to-clipboard features. Meanwhile, the most expensive plan costs $299 monthly and allows for 50 briefs and additional features.

Jasper – Best for AI outline generation

jasper AI outline generator
Source: Jasper 

Jasper Summary

This AI generator tool allows its user to use the Blog Post Outline Template to create lists and outlines for articles. You just need to enter a title or topic and choose a tone of voice and Jasper will come up with the outline together for you. 

Jasper Pros

Versatility is arguably the greatest strength of this AI tool. Apart from offering an outline online generator, Jasper offers plenty of templates that can fit almost any writing need or content type. The tool allows you to edit and compare your content in real time. By doing so, Jasper allows for on-the-fly adjustments that will help create interesting content that will demand your audience’s attention.

Jasper Cons

While Jasper will give you an outline, it doesn’t provide any data to back it up. The other drawback of this essay outline generator is the cost associated with it. While not necessarily prohibitive, the lack of a free option can prove daunting for novices. This can make it difficult to achieve the expected value until you’ve got more experience under your belt.

Jasper Pricing

There are two packages for Jasper’s tool. Its Boss Mode starts at $59 monthly for 50,000 words a month. The higher-level package costs $99 monthly and expands your access to 100,000 words. There is also a custom plan available, named Business.

Surfer – Good for AI outline generation

surfer outline generator
Source: SurferSEO  

Surfer Summary

Surfer, like Jasper, bases its outlines on AI rather than SEO data. You can test how it works on their landing page Free AI Article Outline Generator using this mix of various headlines that you’ll need to review, order, and likely rewrite. 

Surfer Pros

Surfer is an ideal tool for those businesses that prioritize search optimization practices when considering the content. It emphasizes ease of use to ensure accessibility to the largest number of marketers. Surfer also provides an additional article outline generator feature.

Surfer Cons

Unfortunately, Surfer has more limitations than many other tools. It is a blog outline generator and does not work well for other forms of content. 

Surfer Pricing

While the Surfer outline generator does not have its own cost, you’ll need to have a Surfer subscription to access it. This ranges from $49-199 monthly and includes a seven-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you can use the outline generator absolutely for free for up to seven days, which allows you to test the tool before committing.

Writecream – An outline generator for multiple language needs

writecream outline generator
Source: Writecream 

Writecream Summary

Not every business works exclusively in a single language. For those looking to develop content in a variety of languages, Writecream fits the bill. That means when you access the outline generator online, you’ll gain access to an AI feature that can deliver content in over 75 languages.

Writecream Pros

Writecream does not limit itself to outline generation. The tool can also produce email and LinkedIn Inmail copies for cold contact. In addition, Writecream can help with backlink outreach copy generation. Finally, the tool offers a free outline generator that includes 20 monthly credits.

Writecream Cons

While this flexibility is considerable, it comes with a trade-off. Writecream does not cover outline generation for as much content as other tools. So, while it remains quite broadly usable, the actual outline generation can be fairly limited.

Writecream Pricing

As mentioned already, Writecream does include the option for a free online outline tool that comes with 20 monthly credits. Two more packages ($49 and 69$ monthly) expand the number of monthly credits. However, the real stand out here is the ability to create a custom price plan to suit your needs.

Clearscope – Convenient for competitor research

Clearscope outline generator

Source: Clearscope 

Clearscope Summary

Although Clearscope has gained most of its notoriety as an SEO tool, the service has expanded to add an outline generation tool. As our second SEO generator on the list, it relies on content information drawn from your top competitors. Once you’ve entered a keyword, it will determine the top-ranking organizations and draw upon their best headers.

Clearscope Pros

By using SEO data, Clearscope uses content created by your competitors to develop an outline. This will include headers and section titles, all of which can be put together in the service’s editing tool before the solution guides further optimization.

Clearscope Cons

Clearscope is quite an expensive option. While it delivers quite a bit of value in terms of SEO-based outlining, be ready to pay quite a bit right out of the gate.

Clearscope Pricing

Its standard package costs $170 monthly and provides 10 content reports. You’ll also have the option to develop your own package with custom pricing for Business and Enterprise usage.

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Outline generator FAQ

What are the best free article generator tools?

While price is not the only factor when choosing an outline generator, it’s nice to get something for free. SEOwind provides a great essay outline generator free of charge. It supports over 15 languages. You can upgrade anytime to a paid version to enrich your briefs with keywords and AI writing features.

How do AI content generators and tools support marketers?

With the capabilities of AI expanding to more and more types of content, it’s important to know how you can apply these tools yourself. After all, the ability to create multiple pieces of content at incredible speed has potentially massive implications.

We’ve covered some AI outlining tools for you here, like SEOwind. Other solutions out there can actually put together finished drafts and even produce audio and video. Natural language processing and natural language generation have made this possible.

By using these capabilities effectively, you can create comprehensive, original content that outcompetes human-generated material.

How does AI assist with outlining?

Many tools incorporate AI to produce effective content outlines. Typically, they will require standard inputs, such as a topic, keywords, and length. Particularly good AI generators can even analyze your desired tone and incorporate this into the final product.

To have the best results use AI tools that generate outlines based on SEO data, like SEOwind