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It takes the right tools!!

Before you start writing your content, you should take the time to assess if you have the tools that can make your job easier. Writing content is not easy and having the right tools to help you makes the writing process much simpler.

There is one tool that is making inroads in the crowded field of content creation. We designed it to cut down on your research time as well as the time spent creating your outline. The tool and the following information will help you create better content because it helps you plan better.

Why Do You Need A Content Plan?

The top SEO criterion is great content. To keep your website visitors engaged, you need to create great content every time you post on your website or write an article for publication in social media outlets or online journals, and so on.

Planning out your content in advance gives you direction along with making it easier for your teams to collaborate on the topic. A good plan makes sure you know where you are going with the content and that helps you write in a way that drives traffic and sales.

Having a great plan allows you to avoid delays, create and stick to a budget, and provides you with a business strategy you can easily modify if your current activities are not producing the expected results.

To help you do all of this you need the newly created content tool by SEOwind – easy to use that provides more than just content results.

Why Use A Content Planning Tool

Creating content is not always the easiest job around, especially when you are trying to create original material using difficult topics. With the right content planning tool, this task should speed things up and help you create natural and original content for your website.

This tool will help you meet your deadlines as you get better ideas and better leads, and you do not have to sift through pages and pages of data to get the information you need to write.

All the information is placed at your fingertips including help with your outline headlines. All you have to do is type in your main keyword and then wait for the results.

After you get those results, you just go through the information and find the content that is relevant to your topic. At least half your work is done for you which speeds up your delivery.

Using a good content planning tool makes writing a lot easier and you do not waste a lot of energy or time getting your content written. 

This easy-to-use tool helps you get the content you need as well as gives you the proper organizational aid.

How To Use Your New Content Planning Software Effectively

It takes more than having a top website content planning tool at your disposal. You need to know your direction and what you want to say about any given topic.

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There are some key questions you need to ask before you start using the SEOwind content tool.

  • Who is your content for?
  • What problem does your content solve?
  • Why is your business different?
  • How will you deliver your message?
  • How will you create content? 
  • Where will you publish your content?

Answering these questions will help you use the results you get from this top content planning software. Knowing your target audience is a key SEO strategy and helps you focus on how you should write your material as well as what terms you should be using.

The answers to these questions will give you the spark you need to produce a top outline that keeps the reader’s interest. You have everything you need to produce great content with the results of the SEOwind content planning platform.

This tool will also provide you with questions you should be answering with your content. That help also makes your website or other publication more interesting to read. Solving your reader’s problems and answering their questions are two more top SEO strategies you need to employ.

How Can You Deliver Your Content In The Best Way Possible?

Writing is a skill and not everyone can do it. It takes even greater writing skills to deliver your content in the best way possible day after day. Not everyone can do that. That means you need to have the right framework to make you consistent every time you write your content.

This tool will help you do your research, create outlines, use the best keywords, and more. It will help you deliver your content in the best way possible. The biggest asset the SEOwind tool has is its speed and thoroughness.

You can shave hours off your work time by using this tool to its fullest potential. Plus, with quick results, you can get great content ideas just by looking at the questions you can answer.

With those results, your research and writing are focused and you know exactly what you want to say. When you get to that point, you can then deliver your content in the best way possible.

It will be engaging, and interesting, and leads your readers to trust you and your website more. They will see that you know what you are talking about and see that you are an authority on the topic.

Plus, the questions-to-answer section of this top website content planning tool helps give you great topic ideas you can explore with further research. When you are not a creative writer, this tool will help you provide better content and make you look like a gifted writer.

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Before You Use A Content Planning Platform

One of the aspects of content writing you need to understand is there is a difference between content strategy and content planning. While some people consider these the same two things there are vast differences between the two.

Knowing this difference will help you deliver content in a better way. The content strategy doesn’t help you write your content. It helps you plan where you’re going to publish your content.

Plus, it helps you set your marketing goals and what you need to do to reach those goals. It does nothing to help you find topics to write on, find good research material or help you generate great content.

It is the step you use after you have written your content. Content planning is more operational. It is the step that helps you write your content. This aspect has you picking the right topic, focusing your research, writing your outlines, and asking the right questions that your content will answer.

Even the best content planners cannot help you with your content strategy. That takes a different tool and some marketing experience. The content strategy is all about marketing your website, your products, and your content.

Content planning is all about generating interesting content that will engage your website visitors and convert them to paying customers. Once you understand this difference you can use the best content planner available.

With content planning, you can utilize that planner and be very organized in your outline and content. With content strategy, you know where you can put that content, who it is for and when is the best time to deliver that content.

Finding The Right Content Planning Software

This is a very competitive field. But while it is very competitive there is a content planning tool that we recommend checking. You can find it here

SEOwind is an easy-to-use tool that provides you with some great research material, keyword use as well as anything else you need to write the best content on the internet.

It has all the components you need to sharpen your writing skills as well as help you organize your thoughts. It makes writing great content easier because half the work is done for you.

With this tool, you should be able to drive more traffic to your website and generate better sales. One of its best features is the questions-to-answer section. This section provides thought-provoking questions that are relevant to your keywords and to your readers.

Answering those will help boost your website and make it a trusted site. Then you can copy your results to your clipboard and save it for when you are ready to use it for your next publication.

How It All Works

To use this top content planning tool, you need to go to the website and sign up. From there you are taken to the dashboard where you can create a brief for your content – just insert the keywords you want to research.

Once you do that, you just sit back and wait for the results. Depending on the topic, those results can come back fairly quickly. Then you explore those results to get the ideas you need or you can save them to your clipboard for use later on.

There is also an editor on the same page to help you organize everything. It is a very simple tool to use and self-explanatory. There are 4 plans you can pick from to get the type of results you need for your level of writing.

#1. The Beginner Or Free Plan

This just lets you get familiar with the content planning tools inside this software. You get 4 briefs or searches at one time and you get SERP analysis as well as questions to answer. This is the simplest format for this software.

#2. The Basic Plan

This costs $49 a month and you will get everything the free plan offers plus copy ability to G- docs, GPT3 enhancements, secondary keywords as well as 8 briefs or searches.

#3. The Pro Plan

Everything in the first two plans plus more briefs, more secondary keyword research, and AI keyword matching. All of those features will cost you $99 per month and each feature gives you more than the one before. For example, the briefs reach 12 in this plan.

#4. The Agency Plan

This is for very complex content writing that has to be done in large numbers. For $299 a month, you will get 50 briefs and everything else found in the Pro plan.

This is for when you need to generate a lot of content at one time. Pick your plan according to your needs. Each plan brings you to an easy-to-use tool that generates the information you need to write great content that should boost your traffic and sales.

Some Final Words

It is not easy being a consistent writer. It is even tougher being a consistent writer of top material that interests your readers. Thinking up topics, outlines and even questions to ask is hard work.

Even the best writers have trouble in these areas at some point in their writing careers. The good news is that you do not have to struggle through this problem on your own. You can get help through content planning tools you can find today.

This planning tool we recommend is SEOwind content planning software. It is designed to help you in those areas where you can speed up your work with technology – getting the results for you. Plus, it will help you get past those mental blocks when you cannot think of a good outline, topic or even questions to address. 

It takes the pressure off so you can think clearly and get focused on your content. Take some time and investigate this great tool. It is a boost that you need so your content stands out from your competition. 

Tom Winter

Seasoned SaaS and agency growth expert with deep expertise in AI, content marketing, and SEO. With SEOwind, he crafts AI-powered content that tops Google searches and magnetizes clicks. With a track record of rocketing startups to global reach and coaching teams to smash growth, Tom's all about sharing his rich arsenal of strategies through engaging podcasts and webinars. He's your go-to guy for transforming organic traffic, supercharging content creation, and driving sales through the roof.