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From bouncing ideas off of tools to creating more link-worthy posts, here are the 23 answers to the question, “What are your best SEO tips and strategies for 2024 for driving traffic to your website?”

Use SEO AI Tools to your advantage or get left behind

Mersudin Forbes

Mersudin Forbes

With the rise of so many AI tools that drive efficiency using the right tools will be key to getting ahead in 2024.

You should use keyword tools like NeuralText, ClusterAI, and to help you cluster your keywords. If that is not in your price range GPT3 APIs to google sheets can help you achieve the same thing.

Alongside that, you should utilize Briefing tools such as SEOwind and Robinize to help you create the perfect outlines which meet keyword and customer intent in record time.

Clean up your Google Tag Manager

Tom Winter

Tom Winter, CGO,

Keep your Google Tag Manager clean and remove all unnecessary scripts. Taking the few moments required to audit and clean up your Google Tag Manager can make a huge difference in your website’s speed helping you drive more traffic.

For example, you can pause scripts like Hotjar or Google Optimize if you’re currently not using them. You can also load some scripts, like remarketing tags, after the page is loaded, so your page can render faster. It’s tedious work as you need to go through each tag, but it’s worth the effort in the long run – especially if you notice higher website traffic and better search engine rankings afterward!

Make your writing original

Lia Parisyan

Lia Parisyan, Podchaser

ChatGPT is the magic bullet in everyone’s brain right now. But… it’s only a matter of time before Google wises up. I’ve noticed this burn-and-churn mentality when it comes to content. So my advice is to SLOW down.

Instead, spend time researching, writing, and infusing your brand voice. Tools like SEOWind can help you save precious time on outlining, and if your creativity is log-jammed, use ChatGPT to brainstorm content ideas. So for 2023, spend more time researching and writing and get your stakeholders to realize the value of quality, well-researched writing. And amplify its value even further with a solid content distribution plan and investing time in cultivating and nurturing your community.

Provide useful and informative content

Iryna Kutnyak

Iryna Kutnyak, Director of Operations, Quoleady

If you want to achieve success in SEO, you should concentrate on developing content that is useful and pertinent to your target market. This is significant as search engines prioritize sites that give an excellent user experience and provide useful and informative content. To produce high-quality content, these tips should be taken into consideration:

  1. When creating content, it should be created for people, not just for search engines. This means writing content that is straightforward to read and that provides value to the readers.
  2. Utilize clear and succinct language and divide your content into smaller sections using subtitles and headings.
  3. Do the research and use pertinent keywords, but don’t fill your content with them. Utilize them in a natural way and in the right context.
  4. Make sure your content is well-researched and accurate. This will help to establish your website as a reliable source of information.
  5. Include multimedia elements, such as videos and pictures, to make your content more engaging and pleasing to look at.

By generating high-quality content, you will be taking a step closer to success in SEO.

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Make the most of your existing content

Monika Nemcova

Monika Nemcova, Editor-in-Chief, AIHR

Besides publishing new content on your website, double down on optimizing existing blog content that has dropped in ranking over the past year.

Prioritize content targeting high-volume keywords that you’re already ranking for somewhere towards the bottom of page 1. Optimizing content that is already ranking will help achieve quick ranking improvements, which will result in more traffic to your website.

Consider adding new sections based on analyzing search intent and competitors’ content, answer frequently asked questions about the topic, add up-to-date stats and expert quotes, and new images. While I wouldn’t call this a quick win, as the optimization requires quite some time and effort, its potential & impact make it a cornerstone of any content and SEO strategy.

Optimize for Voice Search

Maegan Griffin, Founder, CEO, & Nurse Practitioner, Skin Pharm

Optimize your keywords not only for typed searches but for voice searches, as well. Remember that voice searches are usually longer, with complete questions rather than vague phrases. 

Think of what questions your audiences would ask when using the voice search feature and create long-tail keywords and keyword phrases that would match up with these questions. It is essential to recognize that voice searching has become more common.

Maegan Griffin

Build Backlinks by Helping Reporters

Miles Beckett

Miles Beckett, Co-Founder & CEO, Flossy

You can do this by using reporter outreach platforms to answer reporters’ queries. They’re often looking for sources to provide first-party insights for their articles, and you could be one of their sources. 

Be sure to provide thoughtful and interesting insights. Include your bio and LinkedIn profile as well. This way, your thoughts could be published, along with backlinks, to your website. Backlinks will help to increase your website’s domain rating.

Nail the Basics

Katherine Bakken

Katherine Bakken, Director, Train River Publishing

Advanced SEO strategies have changed a lot over the years. However, the basics have remained the same. 

It is essential to get the basics right if you want to have a chance in 2024 or beyond. Make sure that your site loads with a good user experience. Use meta descriptions correctly, don’t skip image ALT tags, and ensure that your website has a pleasant experience on both desktop and mobile. 

It’s not the most exciting stuff, but advanced-level SEO will only work if you’ve got the basics right.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Max Schwartzapfel

Max Schwartzapfel, CMO, Schwartzapfel Lawyers

Keep an eye out for trends and buzz-worthy content that your particular audience frequents to use for your news and blog.

It’s here you’ll find the best keywords for SEO content while staying up to date on the latest news that interests your base.  

Staying on par with the latest news makes sure that you’ll be right up front with the best sources when people search for information about the latest trends.

Automate Your SEO Efforts

Shaun Connell

Shaun Connell, Founder, Writing Tips Institute

There has been a major increase in the past couple of years in using automation in all aspects of owning a business to make the lives of a business owner easier. This is now seen with SEO, as we gain access to technology that can automate digital marketing strategies. 

Doing this will allow businesses to focus on the more creative aspects of digital marketing as you automate things such as finding popular keywords.

Some tools can help you keep track of your mentions, backlinks, and your DA, and keep everything in one place. Again, this type of automation is helpful for SEO and will increase in use over the next couple of years.

Swap Backlinks With Quality Blogs

Michael Green

Michael Green, Co-Founder, Winona

When doing this, my company is very selective about who we approach for a link-swapping opportunity. In doing so, I always make it as easy as possible for the person on the other end to accomplish to increase our chances of getting published.

For example, I will browse through their blog and find a sentence that’s a good fit for a backlink to one of our articles. From there, I tell them specifically which one of their blog articles I plan to link to in our content. Building backlinks creates a chain reaction of engagement for websites.

Create Crowdsourced Content for Traffic and Backlinks

Alli Hill

Alli Hill, Founder & Director, Fleurish Freelance

Crowdsourced content (where you collect quotes and ideas from others and include them in the content) gives you a ready-made audience that will share your content simply because you’ve included them in it. This helps you get your content in front of more eyeballs with very little effort on your part.

What’s more, it also gives you high backlink potential. The people you include in your content can feature it on their own media pages or link to it in their own content, helping you to drive free traffic and grow your domain authority.

All the above can be a boon for SEO and give you more organic visibility in search.

Write for People, Not SEO Tools

Dejan Kvrgic

Dejan Kvrgic, Founder, ProContent Services

SEO specialists often get entangled in numbers, charts, and keyword difficulty markers. But that’s not all there is to search engine optimization. You should keep in mind that you’re writing for a human audience, and your primary aim should be to meet their needs and not the needs of an SEO tool. 

Keyword research is important, but connecting with your audience and getting your message across in an easy-to-read manner should be your top priority. Blog posts and reviews that tick all the SEO boxes out there but aren’t easily readable will only reduce your credibility. Keeping this in mind: writing for people will get you closer to your desired audience than any SEO tool out there will.

Focus on Building Quality Links and User Intent Content

Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar, Founder, TheWPX

One of the best SEO tips for driving traffic to your website is to focus on building links from reputable & authoritative websites. 

Google’s recent “SpamBrain” update has made it more difficult for websites with low-quality or spammy links to rank well on SERPs. To avoid being penalized by this update, it is important to carefully plan your link-building strategy and focus on earning high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites.

Put Yourself in a Searcher’s Shoes

Jamie Irwin

Jamie Irwin, Director, Straight Up Search

My answer? Match search intent!

It’s no secret that Google wants us all to provide our users with the most relevant content possible—and this means understanding what your user is actually looking for when they type their query into the search engine. That’s where matching search intent comes in.

So how do you match search intent? Well, it starts with research! You need to understand exactly who your audience is and develop an understanding of the searches they’re typically making—whether it be informational questions, product comparisons, or buying guides. Once you know this information, you can start creating content that caters directly to those queries instead of trying to guess which keywords will bring people through organically.

When creating content (or updating existing content), make sure that you use words and phrases that your target readers would use when searching for something related to your topic.

Remember Content Is Still King

Matt Davies

Matt Davies, Freelance SEO, Slingshot Search

One SEO tip for driving traffic is to focus on creating high-quality, original content that is valuable and informative for your target audience. This will not only help improve your website’s search engine ranking, but it will also help attract and keep visitors. 

By regularly publishing fresh, engaging content, you can increase your website’s visibility and attract more organic traffic from search engines. Promoting your content on social media and other online platforms can help drive even more traffic to your website.

Take a Mobile-First Approach

Put energy into the mobile version of your content. Google uses the mobile format for its indexing and ranking process, so you need to focus on the user experience. Search engines won’t properly index a site with poor UX. 

You also need to ensure you are publishing high-quality content. If the social metadata isn’t included in your mobile site, or some images won’t load correctly on the phone, those are things that can damage your SEO. 

Brian Munce, Managing Director, Gestalt Brand Lab

Brian Munce

Refresh Your Service and Location Pages

Marshall Weber

Marshall Weber, CMO, Stor-It

One of the best things that you can do to drive traffic and conversions to a website is to refresh the content on the service and location pages.

Driving traffic to these pages will yield the highest conversion rates compared to the home page or other pages on the site.

I suggest refreshing the content once or twice yearly to keep it ranking the highest in Google and optimizing your traffic and conversions to the site.

Google Web Stories – The New Traffic Dimension

Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Expert and Consultant, & SEO.London

One relatively new and interesting development will be the use of Web Stories. If your site uses WordPress it will not cost you more than a few moments of your time. So, all you need to do is install the Google Web Stories plugin and create your first Stories which, with a little luck, can generate additional traffic. Web Stories and the traffic that comes from them are often difficult to predict, so you shouldn’t be discouraged if you get little traffic after the first few attempts.

In addition, it’s worth knowing that you can read traffic from Web Stories from Google Search Console > Discover.

Create Data-Driven Infographics 

Burak Özdemir

Burak Özdemir, Founder, Online Alarm Kur

Making visuals to explain important concepts will be more necessary than ever. People are increasingly visual learners and prefer being able to scan and understand information quickly. 

That’s why infographics have become one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic in recent years. Creating well-designed infographics with interesting data can help your website earn backlinks from other websites, increasing your website’s trustworthiness and visibility in search engine rankings.

Use Tools to Determine Valuable Content

Gresham Harkless Jr

Gresham Harkless Jr.,

Media Consultant,

Blue 16 Media

As basic as it might sound, think about your clients and the questions they ask to unveil potential content and topics that you can write or create content to answer. 

Take those questions and use tools like exploding topics or Google autocomplete to determine what might be valuable content to create.

Publish More Link-Worthy Content

James De Roche

James De Roche, Managing Partner, Lead Comet

Inflation continues to drive costs up. This means backlink outreach is more expensive, no matter how you approach it. Rather than chase links, build content that people eagerly cite in their posts.

Stats round-ups are great for this, but any post that covers a complex idea, concept, or trend works well, too. You want something a journalist or writer can link to in their piece that provides value.

Most times, there won’t be a lot of search traffic on these terms. That’s okay. You’ll drive lots of organic backlinks that you can use to boost ranking on other pages with proper internal linking.

Use Video Marketing

Damar W

Damar W., SEO Content Writer, Explainerd

If you’re looking for a way to get more traffic from search engines, then adding video to your content marketing is one of the best ways.

The main reason is that people love watching videos. They’re easy to digest, and they let you convey information in a way that text can’t match. Plus, people who are interested in your topic will probably watch videos about it over reading articles or blog posts on the subject (unless they’re already familiar with it).

Video is one of the most powerful forms of content on the internet today, and we can use it as a great way to attract visitors who are looking for information about your business or product. The key here is that you need to make sure that your videos are high quality and relevant—don’t just throw up any old video just because it will get more views!

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