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How to create content brief with SEOwind

How to create a content brief with SEOwind? Best practices in SEOwind

By Product

Creating an effective brief is essential for creating content that boosts your online presence, and SEOwind can make the process much easier. It’s quick, simple, and incredibly efficient – try it once and you’ll be surprised at the impact it has on your content strategy!

Without further ado let’s jump into how to create a perfect content brief with SEOwind in 9 simple steps. 

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SEOwind launch product update

Product Update: What’s New at SEOwind Since Launch?

By Product

It has been nearly 6 weeks since launching SEOwind. 

Although we didn’t have any awesome launch celebration, our team remained laser-focused. We had over 150 talks with content writers, SEO specialists, and agencies.

Thanks to those talks and insights we were able to introduce some great product updates. So, what does it mean for you?

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