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No matter where you look, content is king. As a savvy business owner or marketer, keeping up with the fast-paced world of online written content can be daunting. Thankfully, there are article writing services to help you stay ahead in this competitive landscape. Let us guide you through the turbulent sea of options as we reveal the 10 best article-writing services that cater to your unique needs – leaving no stone unturned and no text left unstirred! Are you ready for this exciting journey? 

What are Article Writing Services?

What are Article Writing Services?

An article writing service offers professional assistance in creating high-quality articles, blog posts, web copy, and other written content tailored to specific client requirements. By tapping into their network of talented writers with expertise across various subjects and industries, these services help busy entrepreneurs and marketers produce well-researched, engaging content without spending countless hours behind a computer screen.

Utilizing such services helps businesses streamline their content creation process and allows them to focus on more critical aspects of running their operations. Furthermore, professional article writing services typically adhere to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices when crafting articles – thus increasing online visibility and driving organic traffic to clients’ websites.

With access to knowledgeable professionals adept at penning different types of writing, a reliable article writing service can be an indispensable asset for any business striving to make its mark on the world wide web.

Benefits of Using Article Writing Services

Benefits of Using Article Writing Services

Businesses and individuals must leverage the power of content to engage with their target audience effectively. If you want your content stands out among the rest, it is vital to invest in quality article-writing services. Several benefits come with this decision, which we will discuss below.

Time Savings

One of the main advantages of using an article writing service is that it saves you time. Creating high-quality content requires significant effort and research, which may not always be feasible for those juggling multiple tasks or running a business:

  • Content creation and editing can be time-consuming – Experienced writers can produce well-researched and structured content more efficiently than those less familiar with the process.
  • Outsourcing lets you focus on other aspects of your business or personal life while professionals generate valuable content.
  • With quick turnaround times offered by many services, you can access a consistent flow of articles even during busy periods.

Beat Writer’s Block

Whether you’re a seasoned professional writer or have little experience putting words together creatively, writer’s block can strike at any time. Enlisting the help of professional article writing services offers several solutions:

  1. A fresh perspective: Writers from various backgrounds bring different insights, enhancing the uniqueness and value of your content.
  2. Collaboration: Engaging with professional writers can reignite ideas by offering new perspectives and expanding upon existing concepts.
  3. Consistent output: When creativity temporarily fades away, these services keep your content production uninterrupted until you overcome those obstacles.

Reduce Costs

Investing in an article writing service may initially appear as an added expense, but doing so often results in long-term cost savings:

  • Reduced staffing costs: Hiring an in-house copywriter significantly increases payroll expenses compared to contracting services as needed.
  • Efficient investment: Pay only for completed work rather than investing resources into training and maintaining a team dedicated solely to writing.
  • No overhead costs: External writing services cover all expenses associated with content creation (equipment, software, etc.), meaning your business does not have to shoulder these additional costs.

Leveraging professional article writing services offers numerous advantages, such as time savings, overcoming writer’s block, and reducing overall costs. By outsourcing your content needs to reputable services like the ones listed below, you can focus on other aspects of your business or personal life without compromising the quality and consistency of your articles.

Popular Professional Article Writing Services

Content is vital in building a solid online presence and engaging potential clients in the digital age. As a result, numerous article-writing services have emerged as essential partners for businesses and individuals looking to elevate their brands. 

Let me introduce you to some popular article-writing services that offer diverse solutions tailored to various needs and budgets.

  1. SEOwind: This service specializes in AI-driven articles that help boost organic traffic by creating well-researched and engaging content. With its team’s experience in AI writing and proven successful track record, SEOwind stands out as an effective option for many.
  2. ContentGrow: Designed to connect businesses with professional freelance writers, ContentGrow helps streamline the content creation process. Their curated pool of talent guarantees high-quality output while maintaining cost efficiency.
  3. Draft: Draft offers an innovative collaboration platform where clients can work directly with hand-picked professional writers specializing in diverse industries, providing bespoke content solutions across various formats, such as blog posts, website copy, and social media marketing materials.
  4. Express Writers: A veteran in the industry, Express Writers boasts a large team of qualified writers who deliver meticulously crafted content catering to various niches – articles, ebooks, or whitepapers.
  5. Hoth Blogger: Known for delivering premium quality blog posts and articles, Hoth Blogger connects businesses with experienced copywriters aware of best practices regarding SEO optimization and engagement.
  6. Narrator Marketplace: With this platform, clients receive access to a broad range of freelance writers with differing skill sets and expertise through an intuitive dashboard system that streamlines project management from start to finish.
  7. TextBroker: Offering a comprehensive pricing structure designed around your specific requirements (word count, quality level), TextBroker enables you to order custom-made written content composed by skilled experts working across multiple domains – making it a popular choice for many.
  8. Upwork: As one of the largest global freelancing networks, Upwork brings clients in touch with a diverse range of experienced freelance article writers who hold expertise in an array of industries; no matter your subject matter or budget constraints, there’s likely a writer who can deliver content tailored to your unique needs.
  9. Scripted: Providing access to an exclusive pool of professional copywriters and editors, Scripted focuses on delivering top-notch articles that capture readers’ attention and adhere to stringent SEO standards, ensuring increased online visibility.
  10. Writer Access: With its user-friendly platform and extensive network of skilled article writers, Writer Access allows businesses and individuals to easily order custom content that best caters to their specific requirements, whether blog posts or website copywriting services.

These popular article writing services have strengths and weaknesses, ultimately offering different solutions based on distinct client needs. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before deciding the ideal fit for your individual preferences and objectives.

SEOwind – AI Articles That Drive Traffic

seowind professional article writing

SEOwind is an innovative article-writing service that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content. With a focus on driving organic traffic, this advanced AI Writer can be an invaluable asset for businesses and bloggers looking to ramp up their digital footprint.

SEOwind Strengths

Capabilities of SEOwind as a SaaS to do Content Research

One of the key strengths of SEOwind lies in its extensive content and keyword research capabilities, made possible by using AI-powered algorithms. These sophisticated tools are designed to analyze vast amounts of data from search engines, identify and analyze top-ranking content, and uncover valuable keywords crucial in content strategy. This comprehensive approach enables SEOwind to write articles that are insightful and highly relevant for readers.

Experience in AI Writing

SEOwind’s expertise in AI writing sets it apart from other article writing services. This platform produces comprehensible, well-crafted content across various industries, having invested time and resources into developing state-of-the-art algorithms that mimic human language structure. Furthermore, incorporating advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques guarantees grammatically correct and contextually accurate text output.

Experience in Building Organic Traffic as a Team

SEOwind has extensive experience in digital marketing and knowledge regarding advanced search engine optimization best practices. It employs cutting-edge methodologies to increase search engine rankings and website visibility significantly. Their SEO article writing service drives organic traffic and boosts brand awareness and online credibility.

Track Record of Results

Another significant benefit associated with SEOwind is its impressive track record in producing results for clients. Numerous businesses have successfully grown their audience and improved their online presence thanks to this top-notch service which continuously refines techniques based on data-driven insights.

Don’t take my word for granted. Check out the results of our AI Writing Challenge #100posts30dayschallenge.

CyborgMethod™ Bulletproofed

The proprietary CyborgMethod™ used by SEOwind combines human expertise with machine learning technology, creating “bulletproof” content. This unique approach ensures the production of comprehensive articles that successfully blend the creative nuances of human-written text with the speed and efficiency provided by AI.

Cost and time efficient

Scaling content with SEOwind is pretty easy. You can create long-form content based on comprehensive outlines in no time.

Usage flexibility

You can create titles, descriptions, outlines, and keywords for a particular article on autopilot. Our algorithms are reliable to make the articles research-based. Still, if you want to put extra effort into research SEOwind provides you with all the data on top-performing content so that you can make a better content decision.

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SEOwind Weaknesses

As with any service, there are certain limitations to consider with SEOwind:

  • While AI-generated content can reduce human error, it might lack some degree of creativity and spontaneity.
  • The need for occasional editing or stylistic adjustments should be anticipated in case AI algorithms misinterpret context or intent.
  • AI content needs fact-checking as sometimes the algorithms don’t provide the correct information on sources, numbers, and quotes.


SEOwind offers flexible pricing plans tailored to suit various needs and budgets. Prospective clients can choose from monthly subscriptions with varying service features or custom packages based on unique requirements.


If you’re looking for an article-writing service that combines cutting-edge technology, data-based insights, and proven organic traffic generation strategies, then SEOwind deserves serious consideration. Its impressive blend of AI capabilities and digital marketing expertise equips businesses with a formidable tool capable of elevating online visibility at scale while maintaining high-quality output standards.


ContentGrow homepage

ContentGrow is a professional content-writing platform that connects businesses with experienced content creators. They hire article writers who specialize in providing tailored, high-quality written articles and other forms of digital content that help brands reach their target audience effectively. This section will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of ContentGrow’s services, pricing options, and overall considerations.

ContentGrow Strengths

Several key benefits set ContentGrow apart from competitors within the article writing service realm:

  1. Vetted Writers: ContentGrow vets all their freelance writers through rigorous tests and assessments on industry knowledge, skill level, and ability to adapt to various writing styles.
  2. Personalized Matches: Clients are matched with writers based on subject matter expertise, thereby ensuring relevant and accurate content.
  3. Convenient Collaboration Platform: Their user-friendly dashboard allows for seamless communication between clients and writers while keeping track of project progress.
  4. Flexible Pricing Options: They offer packages catering to diverse client needs – from small to large-scale enterprises.
  5. Quality Assurance: The platform has an internal editorial process that guarantees that all projects conform to standards before being delivered.

ContentGrow Weaknesses

Despite its many strengths, there are certain areas where potential users might find shortcomings in the service:

  1. Limited Access to Highly Specialized Writers: As a growing platform for article writing services, they have fewer expert-level writers than some of their more established competitors.
  2. Pricing and Delivery: Compared to AI writing services the content turnaround is much longer and prices are higher.

ContentGrow Pricing

ContentGrow’s pricing model considers project size, deadlines, writer quality levels desired by clients, and subject complexity. As mentioned, they provide multiple packages designed for various budgets – ensuring flexibility when selecting the right solution.

For more precise quotations or further information on their pricing, connect directly with a representative from the platform who can tailor a solution according to your specific requirements.


ContentGrow offers versatility through its curated network of skilled writers and carefully designed collaboration tools that make communication and project management more efficient. Their commitment to quality assurance makes them a reliable choice for businesses seeking high standards in content creation.

However, suppose your content requirements involve highly specialized subjects or deep expertise. In that case, you should research further before settling on ContentGrow as your final decision. Overall, they provide great value-for-money solutions that cater to most content needs – making them worth considering within article writing services.


draft homepage

The Draft article-writing service connects businesses with highly skilled freelance writers. Its primary focus is providing a transparent and efficient platform for companies to find the perfect writer to create quality, relevant content. Thanks to its solid editorial process and pool of expert writers, Draft has become one of the go-to platforms in the industry.

Draft Strengths

Several key features set ContentGrow apart from competitors within the article writing services:

  1. Impressive Writer Selection: The key strength of Draft lies in its vast network of experienced and vetted freelance writers. Clients can access talent suitable for content requirements like blog posts, website copy, press releases, and whitepapers – catering to their niche audience needs.
  2. Collaborative Workflow: Draft provides clients with a user-friendly interface where they can collaborate directly with writers. This makes communication seamless and ensures that the end product meets the client’s expectations.
  3. Managed Services Option: To streamline your content creation process further, you can opt for a managed services account wherein a dedicated project manager will handle all aspects of your project—from assigning tasks reviewing, and revising work submitted by the writer(s) to ensuring timely delivery.
  4. Transparent Pricing Structure: With Draft’s pricing model being upfront and defined based on different tiers according to word count, no hidden or surprise fees are involved – offering clients peace of mind when budgeting their projects.

Draft Weaknesses

Among Draft cons it’s worth mentioning:

  1. Limited Subject Matter Expertise: While Draft boasts a wide range of talented freelancers, for businesses requiring subject matter experts it may be difficult to find writers specializing within specific fields—particularly in cases concerning highly technical subjects like healthcare or advanced technology topics.
  2. No In-Built AI Writing Capabilities: Unlike other article writing services available today (e.g., SEOwind), Draft doesn’t employ AI-powered algorithms or tools for generating content suggestions or improving readability—relying solely on professional human input and expertise.

Draft Pricing

Draft Pricing

Draft offers tier-based pricing depending on your project’s complexity, word count, and deadline requirements. You can get discounts for bulk purchases.


Draft is optimal for businesses seeking professional article-writing services that streamline content creation processes while working directly with expert freelance writers. Its transparent pricing structure, an extensive network of skilled professionals, and collaborative platform add tremendous value by ensuring top-quality tailored content suitable for various industries.

However, clients requiring highly specialized subject matter expertise may need help sourcing freelancers who meet their demands within specific sectors. Additionally, those enterprises interested in AI-powered content tools may prefer exploring alternative service providers like SEOwind, which offer such features within their platforms.

Express Writers – Professional Article Writers

ExpressWriters homepage

For businesses and individuals seeking quality content, Express Writers is a reputable article-writing service that offers a broad range of services. Known for its team of well-vetted professional writers and editors, the company focuses on creating high-quality content to cater to different needs like blog posts, web content, press releases, e-commerce product descriptions, guest articles, and more.

Express Writers Strengths

There are several advantages to choosing Express Writers as your go-to article-writing service:

  1. Impressive Roster of Professional Writers: The company boasts a large team of experienced writers across various niches and industries. This diversity ensures clients find the perfect writer with expertise in their industry or subject matter.
  2. Quality Guaranteed: With strict quality control measures and rigorous selection criteria for their writers (only accepting about 2% of applicants), Express Writers consistently delivers top-notch work.
  3. Fast Turnaround Time: Quick delivery is an added advantage, with most projects being completed within 5-7 business days or even earlier, depending on client requirements.
  4. Customized Plans: Clients can choose packages that suit their needs best while considering budget constraints and project scope.

Express Writers Weaknesses

Despite its numerous strengths, some potential drawbacks may deter customers from choosing Express Writers:

  1. Pricing Structure: Their services can be considered expensive compared to other options available in the market; however, the rates come with a guarantee of high-quality work by professional writers.
  2. No Direct Writer Communication: While they provide editor contacts who act as intermediaries between clients and writers, there is no direct communication with the assigned writer allowed during the project process – which might hinder collaboration in some instances.
  3. Limitations in Revision Requests: Their revision policy might not be adequate for some clients if extensive changes are needed. They allow only one free revision request; beyond that, clients might need to pay extra fees for additional revisions.

Express Writers Pricing

Express Writers Pricing

Express Writers offers various pricing tiers depending on the content type and level of expertise required, e.g.:

  • Expert blog posts – $0,19 per word with addon topic research for $60,
  • Ebook & Guides – $112 per page,
  • Specialty content – $0,28 per word with addon topic research for $60.
[My Comment: I find it unprofessional that content can be written without proper research.]


Express Writers manages to stand out through their commitment to delivering quality work through an experienced team of writers. They could fit you if your primary concern is getting top-notch content without compromising quality over price. However, if budget constraints are a concern or direct writer communication is necessary for your project’s success, you may want to explore other alternatives before deciding.

The Hoth

the hoth homepage

The Hoth is a well-known content creation platform that offers article-writing services to businesses of all sizes. Their dedicated team of professional writers provides high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics and industries.

Hoth Blogger Strengths

  1. Wide-ranging expertise: Hoth Blogger boasts a vast pool of skilled and experienced writers with diverse areas of specialization. This ensures that whatever your niche may be, you can find the right fit for your business.
  2. SEO-focused content: One key advantage in opting for Hoth Blogger is their focus on delivering SEO-optimized articles, enabling clients to get top search rankings and boost their online presence considerably.
  3. Flexibility: The service caters to content needs, such as blog posts, product reviews, and website copies. Clients can choose between different lengths of articles according to their requirements.
  4. Turnaround time: Unlike other article writing services, Hoth Blogger excels at providing quality content within shorter deadlines without compromising quality.

Hoth Blogger Weaknesses

  1. Limited revisions: While Hoth Blogger does offer a revision policy, it might not be as accommodating as some users would prefer; their standard package includes only one round of revisions.
  2. Inconsistency in writer quality: Although they aim for high-quality output, the variance in writer expertise could sometimes lead to mixed results from client orders.

Hoth Blogger Pricing

Hoth Blogger Pricing

Hoth Blogger offers three pricing tiers depending on your content requirements:

  • Basic Package Blogger: Starts at $50 for a 500-word blog post,
  • Premium Package Blogger Pro: Starts at $80 for a more in-depth 750-word blog post,

Each tier varies by word count options and potential turnaround times but generally caters to a wide range of budgets and needs.


If you’re looking for an article-writing service specializing in SEO-optimized content, Hoth Blogger may be worth considering. Despite potential inconsistencies in writer quality, their flexibility and quick turnaround time make them attractive for those seeking high-quality articles at various price points.

Remember to carefully evaluate your requirements and preferences before deciding if Hoth Blogger fits your business. To ensure the best possible results, provide clear instructions to your assigned writer, manage expectations effectively, and maintain open communication throughout the process.

Narrato Marketplace

Narrato Marketplace homepage

Narrato Marketplace is a platform that connects businesses with freelance writers, offering article writing services for various industries. This marketplace has a vast pool of professional writers specializing in diverse niches.

Narrato Marketplace Strengths

  1. Variety of Niches: Narrato Marketplace boasts a diverse range of writers specializing in multiple areas, ensuring customers can find the perfect match for their niche and content requirements.
  2. Strict Writer Vetting Process: The platform follows a thorough screening process to uphold quality standards when selecting writers to join its ranks.
  3. AI-guided Content Briefs: Narrato employs artificial intelligence to generate detailed content briefs, streamlining client-writer communication and setting clear assignment expectations.
  4. Collaborative Platform: Clients can work closely with writers via the platform’s built-in collaboration tools and chat system, promoting clear communication throughout the project.

Narrato Marketplace Weaknesses

  1. Limited Revisions: The marketplace offers only one free revision per order – additional revisions come at an extra cost, which could be inconvenient for specific clients.
  2. No Dedicated Account Manager: Unlike some competitors on this list, Narrato doesn’t provide a dedicated account manager to oversee projects; although suitable for many clients, some may require more personalized attention from service providers.
  3. Inconsistent Quality: As with any marketplace involving numerous independent freelancers, clients risk encountering varied writer quality levels despite initial vetting procedures.


Narrato Marketplace pricing

Narrato offers affordable pricing options based on factors such as word count and complexity level (below we quote base pricing)

  • Basic plan – $1.9/100 words (Content by budding writers)
  • Standard plan – $3.9/100 words (Content by experienced writers)
  • Premium plan – $5.9/100 words (Content by senior writers with domain expertise(

Clients can customize these plans by discussing their needs with individual writers or purchasing additional services like SEO optimization.


Overall, suppose you’re seeking access to a diverse pool of professional article writers and appreciate an AI-guided content creation process. In that case, Narrato Marketplace can be a solid choice. While its limited revision policy and lack of dedicated account managers might deter specific clients, the platform compensates with its collaborative tools and competitive pricing. To ensure you receive high-quality articles tailored to your needs, thorough research before selecting a writer is crucial on platforms like Narrato Marketplace.


TextBroker homepage

TextBroker is a versatile article-writing service that connects clients with qualified writers to create unique, informative content. With thousands of freelance authors available on the platform, you can find the writer that best fits your needs.

TextBroker Strengths

  1. Wide range of writers: TextBroker offers a large pool of professional authors across various industries and niches, ensuring you’ll find someone with relevant experience for your project.
  2. Quality grading system: Writers are rated on a scale from 2 to 5 stars, which helps you determine their level of expertise in writing high-quality articles.
  3. Flexible pricing options: You can select a price based on the quality rating of the writer you need, allowing for cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget.
  4. Easy-to-use interface: The user-friendly dashboard makes submitting projects and managing interactions with your chosen author simple.
  5. Revision policy: Authors must provide free revisions if needed, ensuring client satisfaction and minimizing issues with unsatisfactory content.

TextBroker Weaknesses

  1. Inconsistency in Writer Quality: As per user reviews, some clients experience discrepancies in the quality of work produced by different authors within the same star rating category.
  2. Less personal support: Unlike other specialized article writing services offering dedicated account managers or customer service representatives, communications between clients and writers mainly occur through the platform’s messaging feature.

TextBroker Pricing

TextBroker Pricing

TextBroker offers four main categories based on the quality rating of their authors:

  • 3-star articles: $0.023 per word
  • 4-star articles: $0.038 per word
  • 5-star articles: $0.09 per word 

Prices above do not include an additional $0.50 processing fee per order.

These prices allow for budget flexibility depending on desired content quality. They can prove more cost-effective than hiring full-time staff or contracting with boutique content marketing agencies.


TextBroker is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a wide range of writing expertise and pricing options. However, as clients may experience variable quality among authors within the same star rating bracket, it’s essential to check previous work samples carefully before selecting a writer. If finding consistent content quality and personalized support are key priorities, consider exploring alternative article-writing services that offer dedicated account managers and more stringent author vetting processes.


Upwork homepage

Upwork is a well-known freelancing platform that connects businesses with thousands of talented freelancers worldwide, including professional article writers. Its easy-to-use interface and diverse pool of skilled writers make it a popular choice for anyone seeking high-quality content at competitive prices.

Upwork Strengths

  1. Diverse Talent Pool: Upwork is home to a vast community of experienced freelance writers from various industries. No matter your niche or content requirements, you’ll likely find the perfect writer among them.
  2. Flexible Hiring Options: You can hire writers on a per-project basis or as an ongoing contractor, which ensures greater flexibility in managing your content needs.
  3. Secure Payment System: Payments are made through Upwork’s escrow system, providing security for clients and freelancers and mitigating potential payment risks.
  4. Customizable Job Listings: When posting a job, you can specify project details such as scope, deadlines, and desired expertise level, among other factors, which attract suitable candidates more efficiently.

Upwork Weaknesses

  1. Higher Fees for Active Clients: While fees may be reasonable for infrequent users of the platform (clients who spend less than $500 per freelancer per month), those who use it more heavily will be subject to higher fees ranging from 10% up to 20%, depending on cumulative billings.
  2. Varying Quality: Due to the vast number of available writers, finding the right match might require considerable time and effort in filtering through proposals and profiles.
  3. Competition Among Freelancers: Since many professionals vie for writing jobs simultaneously, top talents prioritize working on projects with higher payouts.

Upwork Pricing

Upwork charges a flat 10% rate from freelancers across the board regardless of client status or lifetime billings or earnings.

Clients pay these fees in addition to the writer’s rate. Freelance article writers on Upwork usually charge hourly or per-piece rates, and prices can vary widely based on their expertise, experience, and project complexity.


Upwork is an ideal platform for those seeking a diverse talent pool with flexible hiring options and secure payment processes. However, its pricing system may not be suitable for all budgets, particularly for more active clients who need to hire freelancers regularly. Overall, it’s essential to scrutinize proposals and be prepared to invest time in finding the right talent among numerous available writers on Upwork.


Scripted homepage

Scripted is a popular article-writing service that provides high-quality content for businesses needing engaging and well-researched articles. They offer various writing services, including blog posts, web page content, and press releases. Let’s look into the strengths and weaknesses of Scripted as an article-writing service and provide information on its pricing structure.

Scripted Strengths

  1. High-Quality Writers: Scripted carefully selects its team of professional writers through a rigorous application process that ensures only those with excellent writing skills are onboarded. This means that customers can expect top-notch articles from skilled writers.
  2. Niche Expertise: The platform boasts a diverse pool of writers knowledgeable across various industries, such as technology, healthcare, travel, and finance. This allows clients to find the perfect writer who understands their niche and can create specialized content tailored to it.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The platform has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for clients to submit project requests and communicate directly with assigned writers. This ensures seamless collaboration between users and writers during the entire project timeline.
  4. Revisions Included: Unlike other article writing services, Scripted includes revisions within their pricing packages, ensuring customer satisfaction and allowing them to request changes without incurring additional costs.

Scripted Weaknesses

  1. Higher Pricing Structure: Although you get what you pay for in terms of quality, one primary drawback of working with Scripted is its higher prices than some competitors.
  2. Limited Free Trial: Their free trial period comes with limitations like access to specific tasks only; thus, potential clients can only fully evaluate the extent of the services available after making long-term commitments.
  3. No Direct Hiring Of Writers Before Membership Subscription: Clients must subscribe to one of their membership plans to gain access to the pool of writers and collaborate with them on their projects.

Scripted Pricing

Scripted Pricing

Scripted offers tiered membership plans that cater to various budgets and client requirements. These plans include:

  • Self-Service Basic – starts at $199/month
  • Self-Service Premium – starts at $499/month (includes access to premium writers)
  • Enterprise Membership – custom pricing tailored to meet large-scale content needs for businesses

Apart from memberships, clients can also opt for à la carte projects without subscribing to a monthly plan. However, these come with higher per-project costs compared to using one of Scripted’s membership packages.


Scripted is a solid choice for those seeking high-quality article writing services tailored by skilled professionals knowledgeable about your niche. While the prices may be higher than other platforms, the value you get in return through well-researched and expertly-crafted content justifies it. If your primary aim is professional-grade articles that resonate with your target audience and build credibility in your industry or niche, Scripted should be an option worth considering.

Writer Access

Writer Access homepage

Writer Access is a popular article-writing service that offers clients access to thousands of freelance writers, editors, and content marketing strategists. This platform caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries as it emphasizes quality content creation and effective communication between clients and writers.

Writer Access Strengths

  1. Wide Range of Writers: With an impressive selection of over 16,000 pre-screened professional writers, you can easily choose the ones with relevant skills or industry expertise for your specific needs.
  2. Flexible Content Solutions: Aside from blog articles, the platform provides other services such as website content, whitepapers, ebooks, email newsletters, social media posts, and more.
  3. Advanced Matching Algorithm: The AI-powered tool WriterAccess SMARTMatch assigns suitable topic-matched pitches created by dedicated writers within the platform based on your project brief.
  4. Ease of Collaboration: The user-friendly interface allows seamless collaboration between clients and selected freelancers through instant messaging and file-sharing options.
  5. Performance Monitoring: Clients can keep track of their projects’ progress using analytics tools available on the dashboard.

Writer Access Weaknesses

  1. Premium Pricing: While offering high-quality content solutions, the rates at Writer Access tend to lean towards premium pricing compared to other article writing services.
  2. No Free Trial Option: Unlike some platforms in this niche market segment that offer free trials for potential customers to experience firsthand their services before fully subscribing, no such option is available here.

Writer Access Pricing

Writer Access Pricing

WriterAccess operates on a subscription basis with five membership plans:

  • Basic ($39/month): Up to 5 favorite talents
  • Growth ($99/month): Up to 15 favorite talents
  • Pro ($929/month): Up to 20 favorite talents
  • Enterprise (starts at $499)

In addition to its membership plans on project management elements like support & access levels, WriterAccess implements pay-per-word rates for content creation needs. This is calculated based on the chosen expertise level of a writer (two to six stars), with 6-star writers having the highest rate and experience hierarchy:

  • 2-star: $0.02/word
  • 3-star: $0.04/word
  • 4-star: $0.06/word
  • 5-star: $0.08/word
  • 6-star: $0.10+/word


Writer Access is ideal for businesses seeking high-quality written content across various niches with efficient collaboration tools & performance tracking features that allow managing projects seamlessly during all stages of their execution.

However, if budget constraints are a crucial factor, cheaper article writing services might be more suitable for achieving desired results without compromising considerably quality-wise or exploring professionals’ expansive selection capacities available here.

How to Find the Right Article Writing Service

How to Find the Right Article Writing Service

Navigating through numerous article-writing services can be an overwhelming task. To ensure you make a well-informed decision, here are some essential steps to take when selecting an article-writing service for your needs.

Research and Compare Services

Begin by conducting thorough research on available article writing services. Search for reputable providers and compile a list of top contenders. Once you have shortlisted these companies, compare their offerings based on cost, delivery times, range of expertise, clientele, and more. Additionally, examine their websites in-depth and analyze the quality of their published content.

Besides searching online resources for information about different services, consider seeking recommendations from your professional network or joining relevant forums where people share experiences with various platforms.

Check Reputation and Reviews

Reputation is a crucial aspect when it comes to hiring any service provider—article writing services are no exception. Investigate a company’s brand image by reviewing customer reviews and testimonials on review sites such as Trustpilot or Google My Business.

These evaluations will provide insights into professionalism, work quality, customer satisfaction levels, etc., enabling you to understand whether they live up to their advertised claims. While expecting only positive feedback across all platforms is unrealistic, consistent negative remarks on specific issues should raise red flags.

Compare Rates and Quality

Your goal shouldn’t solely be finding the cheapest article-writing service. Instead, aim for one that offers exceptional value for money. Striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and high-quality output is vital since poor-quality content may harm your reputation or SEO rankings.

When comparing rates among prospective providers:

  • Determine what types of articles they specialize in (e.g., blog posts vs press releases)
  • Evaluate the expertise levels of their writers
  • Inquire about additional benefits like proofreading and revision policies
  • Assess whether they charge per word, per hour, or based on project complexity

Be bold in requesting work samples to gauge the company’s writing style and overall quality. This thorough analysis will guide you toward identifying an article-writing service that aligns well with your budget and expectations.

Types of Article Writing Services

Types of Article Writing Services

Understanding the types of article writing services available in the industry is crucial to selecting the right service for your needs. Each type serves different aims and caters to distinct audiences. Leveraging these tailored options can make a significant difference in the success of your blog and website content and strategy.

Blog Writing Services

Blog writing services focus primarily on crafting engaging, informational, or conversational blog posts for businesses and individuals. These high-quality articles typically revolve around a specific topic or niche within an industry, striving for valuable insights that appeal to readers. With a combination of storytelling and expert knowledge, blogging services aim at establishing thought leadership and maintaining reader interest over time.

Website Content Writing Services

Website content writing refers to creating static web pages such as homepages, about us pages, product/service descriptions, landing pages, and FAQ sections, among other essential components of a website and content marketing strategy. These services ensure that all site content aligns with brand identity while persuasively directing visitors towards particular actions (like making purchases or signing up for newsletters).

Press Release Writing Services

As marketing tools targeting journalists and news outlets, press releases aim at announcing significant events or accomplishments related to a company. Professional press release writing services provide well-structured news pieces that embody newsworthiness and adhere to formatting guidelines favored by various media channels. This service caters explicitly to organizations looking to have their news picked up quickly and efficiently by media agencies.

Guest Post Writing Services

Guest post writing concentrates on generating value-driven articles designed for submission to external publications or websites relevant to a client’s industry. Their primary goal with guest posts is establishing thought leadership and driving traffic back to one’s website from referral sources. These highly customized articles require trained writers with excellent research skills paired with content tailored according to guidelines set forth by target platforms.

LinkedIn Article Writing Services

Since LinkedIn is specifically geared toward professionals networking within their industries, these article-writing services craft compelling pieces that cater accordingly. LinkedIn article writing services focus on strengthening personal and corporate brand presence, sharing unique industry perspectives, and facilitating thought leadership on the platform. These often incorporate visually appealing graphics or data-driven components to enhance reader engagement.

Micro Content Writing Services

Micro content refers to short-form text such as social media posts or product descriptions. Given the limited word count for micro-content, its purpose is to convey essential information or key messages concisely while igniting customer interest. As such, these writing services aim at formulating catchy sentences that grab attention and effectively communicate critical points within minimal word usage. This type of service is ideal for clients looking to enforce a solid social media presence or optimize their eCommerce site with compelling product descriptions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Article Writing Service

When searching for a reliable article-writing service, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure the company meets your specific needs. 


Price is always an essential factor when selecting article writing services. Remember that prices vary widely between companies due to multiple aspects such as writer qualifications or content complexity.

  • Compare rates from different providers: Researching offers by various companies gives you more flexibility and options.
  • Don’t compromise on quality: While choosing a cheap article-writing service provider might be tempting, remember that high-quality content should be your primary goal. Therefore, invest in finding affordable services without sacrificing the content’s caliber.
  • Keep track of additional charges: Some services might charge extra revisions or quick delivery fees. Be sure to understand every cost associated with the service while assessing.

Quality of Work

The effectiveness of your written content significantly depends on its quality. Besides delivering error-free articles, key quality indicators include coherence, relevancy, structure consistency, and search engine optimization.

  • Request samples from potential providers: To gauge competency levels, assess their previous works regarding grammar proficiency and style adaptation capacities.
  • Ensure expertise in your industry: A professional article writer specialized in creating content relevant to your niche can offer compelling and engaging results.
  • Evaluate how well they follow guidelines: Reliable writers follow clients’ instructions keenly while maintaining creativity and authenticity within each piece.

Turnaround Time

Time is another major consideration when outsourcing projects since meeting deadlines demonstrates efficacy and professionalism.

  • Choose a service with fast delivery times: Speedy turnarounds reflect efficiency; however, it should not compromise writing integrity.
  • Assess their workload management systems: Inquire about their methods to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This guarantees that writers will allocate adequate time and effort to your project.
  • Examine whether they offer rush services: Understand their flexibility in accommodating last-minute requests or urgent tasks.

Customer Service

Exceptional customer care contributes tremendously towards a smooth and hassle-free collaboration between clients and an article writing company.

  • Seek a service available 24/7 through multiple channels: A good provider will ensure you can access communication means such as email, chat support, or phone calls anytime.
  • Gauge the responsiveness of the customer support team: Routinely test how quickly they reply to inquiries and address them satisfactorily.
  • Research reputation: Online reviews can help determine other customers’ experiences with a particular provider. It amplifies trustworthiness and credibility aspects.

Identifying suitable article writing services involves evaluating costs, quality parameters, turnaround capabilities, and reliable customer assistance. By holistically assessing these attributes, you can find an exceptional article writing service suited to your requirements while delivering optimal outcomes for your content marketing needs.

Tips for Working with an Article Writing Service

Tips for Working with an Article Writing Service

Succeeding with any article above writing services involves open communication, cooperation, and clarity. Here are some tips to help you optimize your experience when working with an article-writing service:

Provide Clear Instructions

No matter how experienced or skilled a writer is, they still need clear instructions from you to produce content that matches your vision and requirements properly. When providing assignments to article writers, make sure to:

  1. Be specific about the topic and your target audience.
  2. Provide guidelines on keyword usage, tone, style, and format.
  3. Include any relevant sources or links that must be incorporated within the article.
  4. Clearly state the desired word count and any other specifics.

Having all this information will save time and ensure both parties are on the same page right from the start.

Set Expectations Early On

Setting clear expectations is essential so your chosen article-writing service knows precisely what you need. Try doing the following things before work commences:

  1. Discuss turnaround times as well as deadlines for drafts and revisions.
  2. Establish a system for feedback, edits, or approvals.
  3. Ensure there won’t be surprises; discuss extra fees if additional requirements emerge later.
  4. Lay down points of contact to simplify communication lines during project execution.

This proactive approach significantly reduces potential misunderstandings or disappointments once work begins.

Be Open to Feedback and Suggestions

While you know your brand best, professional article writers bring invaluable expertise to creating engaging content for readers across various industries. Hence:

  1. Trust their creative judgment regarding wording choices or enhance reader engagement through captivating headlines or subheadings.
  2. Be receptive towards suggested changes in the structure or presentation of ideas when necessary; skilled writers excel at adapting complex concepts into digestible formats for diverse audiences.
  3. Remember that collaborative revision helps refine the final product while building a solid relationship with your service provider.

Ultimately, trusting that these article writing services have your best interests at heart and are committed to delivering high-caliber content will prove fruitful for your projects.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Working with an Article Writing Service

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Working with an Article Writing Service

When outsourcing content creation, working with the right article-writing service is crucial to meet your goals. However, it’s easy to fall into common pitfalls that can hamper your project’s success. To help you navigate the process efficiently and achieve better outcomes, here are three mistakes you should avoid.

Not Doing Enough Research Before Hiring a Writer

Before choosing an article writing service, take the time to do extensive research on potential candidates. A hasty decision may lead only to disappointing results or wasted resources. Assess services by considering the following:

  • Reputation and reviews
  • Portfolio samples
  • Specializations within your niche or industry
  • Communication style and availability for revisions

By investing extra effort in researching available options, you’ll make an informed decision about which company is best suited for your needs and will deliver high-quality content tailored to fit your brand’s voice and objectives.

Not Being Clear About Your Requirements

For any professional article writer to interpret a client’s vision appropriately, developing top-tier content begins with understanding clear expectations. Some vital details to clarify include the following:

  • Topic focus or angle
  • Goals (e.g., driving traffic, boosting engagement)
  • Target audience
  • Tone, format, and style preferences
  • Keywords or key phrases you want to be incorporated (for SEO purposes)
  • Word count 
  • Due date(s)

Failure to provide clear instructions upfront could result in receiving unsuitable content requiring tedious revisions—even if the writer is competent. Therefore, strive for clarity from the outset; consider providing reference links whenever possible.

Not Setting Deadlines or Expectations in Advance

Setting realistic deadlines during project discussions ensures timely content delivery without compromising quality. For long-term collaborations or large-scale projects involving multiple articles, establish individual due dates and overall timelines for completion.

Never assume writers will meet unspoken expectations regarding turnaround times – always communicate openly about deadlines at the start. Be sure to inform them if a specific piece is also under an urgent deadline, so they can prioritize and allocate resources accordingly.

Moreover, establish expectations and limitations when it comes to revisions. Determine how many revision rounds will be included per single article or whether extra fees may apply. Finalizing these details in advance sets clear boundaries that enable efficient and satisfactory collaboration between both parties throughout the project life cycle.

How to Get the Most Out of Article Writing Services?

Maximizing the benefits of using article writing services involves a few key steps and practices. Following these guidelines ensures that your chosen service works effectively, providing high-quality content that suits your needs.

Choose a Reputable Service

Selecting professional article writing services from reputable providers with proven track records will give you peace of mind knowing you have entrusted your content creation to reliable content writers. Explore options like SEOwind, ContentGrow, Draft, and Express Writers, among others, comparing their strengths and weaknesses to find a suitable match for your needs.

Select the Right Service Type

Consider which type of article writing service best aligns with your requirements – options could include:

Choosing an appropriate service type will help fulfill targeted objectives more effectively than opting for generic or unguided content creation services.

Communicate Your Requirements Clearly

Ensure you provide concise yet comprehensive instructions on what you expect from the finished article. Provide information about:

  • The desired word count
  • Format and structure
  • Keywords/SEO considerations
  • Tone and style guidelines

Providing clear instructions helps writers create high-quality articles tailored to your expectations.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Agree upon a reasonable timeline with writers to ensure they have adequate time to research, write and review their work before submitting it. Remember that rush jobs might result in subpar content quality; therefore, establishing realistic expectations related to turnaround times benefits both parties.

Request Regular Progress Updates

A continuous two-way communication loop between yourself and the writer ensures timely feedback exchange regarding drafts or concerns. Staying actively engaged throughout the process improves overall satisfaction by allowing real-time adjustments if needed.

Cultivate Long-term Partnerships

Building strong relationships with preferred writers or platforms lets them familiarize themselves with your brand voice, messaging, and style more intimately. Over time, this familiarity improves your understanding of your communication needs and results in better-quality content.

Stay Open-minded for Suggestions

Experienced writers often bring unique perspectives or ideas to the table – entertain these suggestions and be prepared to allow flexibility in creativity. By fostering a collaborative environment with your content creators, you open up new avenues for fresh insights, content ideas, and innovative approaches to your articles.

Getting the most out of article writing services involves:

  • Finding the right providers who align with your needs.
  • Providing clear instructions.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication.
  • Setting realistic deadlines.
  • Fostering long-term relationships.
  • Being adaptable to creative suggestions.

Following these steps will help ensure success while working with professional article-writing services that produce consistent, high-quality content on your behalf.

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