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SEOwind Your AI-Powered Growth Agency for SaaS Businesses

Unlike other agencies, we combine a cutting-edge in-house AI writing tool (SEOwind) with the insights and experience of SaaS founders who’ve scaled globally. We know the challenges of growth. Our in-house AI Writer, powered by human expertise, delivers content that gets you there.

Who we are

We Built a Global  SaaS Company

Now, We’re Here to Help You Do the Same.

Hello! We’re Kate and Tom, co-founders of SEOwind. We’re not just another AI content agency.
We are:

SaaS Founders

We grew our own SaaS from concept to customers in 100+ countries. We know the exact steps to get you there.

AI Evangelists

We don’t just talk about AI. We live and breathe it. Our in-house AI, combined with our expertise, boosts growth.

Results Oriented

Forget vanity metrics. We focus on what matters: real growth and ROI for your business.

Proven Playbook

We’ve perfected a system that gets results fast. We jumpstart your marketing with proven frameworks.

Kate Kandefer

Co-Founder & CEO

Tom Winter

Co-Founder & CGO

Who are our services for?

Ready to Unleash Explosive Growth? We Help Businesses Like Yours

  • Dominate the market: Explode your user base and conquer new users with our AI-powered growth strategies.
  • Turn clicks into customers: Forget about vanity metrics. We’ll generate a flood of high-quality leads that convert into loyal customers.
  • The team stretched thin: Scale outcomes without adding headcount. Our proven frameworks deliver results. Fast.
  • Scale smarter, not harder: Grow your business without sacrificing your sanity. We’ll handle the heavy lifting with proven frameworks and smart AI.
  • AI for the Win: Don’t have the in-house AI expertise? We bridge the gap with our cutting-edge AI Writer, empowering you to create content that converts.
  • Work with the best: Don’t settle for “good enough.” Partner with seasoned practitioners who deliver proven, repeatable success.

What we do

Consulting. Strategy. Execution.
Your One-Stop Marketing Shop

We go beyond basic content creation. We’re your strategic partner, offering a full spectrum of AI-powered content and SEO solutions to fuel your SaaS growth

Growth Consulting

Leverage our battle-tested framework and deep industry knowledge to craft a data-driven content strategy that outperforms.

Empower Your Team

Prefer an in-house approach? We offer training programs to equip your team with AI content creation and marketing expertise.

Content Operations & Scalability

Let us be your external content team. We handle everything from keyword research and content creation to SEO optimization and backlink acquisition.

Sample services we offer

We Do It All. You Choose How Much.

We adapt to your needs.

Whether you require strategic guidance or a fully managed solution, we’re your one-stop shop for AI-powered content and marketing success.  Here’s a glimpse into our powerful service arsenal:

Content Strategy & Research:

  • Develop data-driven content strategies to attract your target audience.
  • Conduct in-depth keyword research to identify content gaps and opportunities.

Content Creation & Optimization:

  • Create high-performing content using AI technology and human expertise.
  • Optimize existing content for maximum impact on search engines and user engagement.

Growth Optimization:

  • Identify growth opportunities through SEO, AI, and content analysis.
  • Leverage backlink strategies to maximize results and boost authority.

Process Optimization:

  • Set clear targets and tasks for content and marketing campaigns.
  • Streamline content and marketing workflows for increased efficiency.

Technical SEO Consulting:

  • Provide expert advice on optimizing your website for search engines.

How we work

Fast-Track Your Growth: Our Streamlined Process
for Maximum Results

We’re all about results delivered quickly. Here’s how our efficient process gets you moving fast:

  • Sprint-Based Execution: We break down projects into manageable sprints, ensuring you see progress quickly and can adapt the strategy as needed.
  • Quick Wins First: We prioritize tasks based on impact, tackling the easiest wins first to deliver early value and build momentum.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Forget the guesswork. We use a KPI-oriented approach, constantly monitoring key performance indicators to ensure your campaign stays on target and delivers the desired results.
  • Proprietary AI Toolkit: Our proprietary AI Writer and other in-house tools are game-changers. This translates to faster results and cost-effectiveness for you.

The impact we deliver

Drive Results That Matter: What You Can Expect

Explore real-world examples of how we’ve helped businesses achieve impressive growth through content and marketing.

Result #1

23% SEO Organic Surge During Core Update

In the last month, just when Google was rolling out its Core March Algorithm Update, SEOwind got a 23% organic boost MoM (according to GSC), and our customers grew from 11% to 34% in the same period.

Result #2

Skyrocketing Organic Traffic by 418%

I helped grow the already prosperous company’s organic traffic from 3.768 clicks, according to GSC, in March 2023 to 15.744 in March 2024. That’s 418% growth Year over Year!

Result #3

Global Growth with Organic Strategies

I co-founded, where we attracted customers from over 100 countries, primarily through organic traffic.

Now, at, I’m focusing even more on organic traffic to grow our global community of users at a much quicker pace!

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What makes SEOwind different from other content marketing agencies?

Unlike other agencies, we combine AI writing technology with the experience of successful SaaS founders. This means you get content that’s both data-driven and strategically designed to help your SaaS business grow. What’s more, you can get strategic and operational support in any area regarding marketing, sales, growth and AI.

How can SEOwind help me scale my SaaS without hiring?

Our AI-powered content creation tools and efficient processes can help you produce high-quality content consistently without needing to expand your marketing team. Additionally, we offer training programs to empower your existing team with AI content creation skills.

What kind of results can I expect from working with SEOwind?

We focus on achieving real, measurable results for your business. This can include increased website traffic, improved conversion rates, higher brand awareness, and ultimately, significant growth for your SaaS company. You can also check out our “The impact we deliver” section to see specific examples of our clients’ success stories.

I'm worried the AI content won't be good quality. Can you assure me?

Our SEOwind AI Writer is a powerful tool, but it’s important to remember it’s powered by human expertise. Our team of experienced content creators oversees the AI output, ensuring it’s factually accurate, engaging, and optimized for search.

What if I'm not ready to outsource my entire content marketing operation?

We understand that not every business needs a fully managed solution. We also offer training programs to equip your internal team with AI content creation and marketing expertise. This allows you to leverage the power of AI while still maintaining control over your content strategy.

Tom Winter

SEOwind: Your AI-Powered Growth Agency
for SaaS Businesses