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Feature Custom Insights

Seamlessly Integrate Expertise into Your AI-Driven Articles

Add your expertise, know-how, and experience to enrich your AI article. SEOwind uses your insights when writing an AI article, making your article unique and original.

Make your AI content unique

Content with Personal Expertise and AI Precision

SEOwind’s latest feature, Custom Insights, bridges the gap between AI efficiency and human expertise, offering a unique blend that enriches your content beyond conventional limits.

Original AI content

Incorporate your unique expertise directly, transforming generic articles into unique and helpful content.

Elevated Content Authenticity

Make your articles stand out with genuine expert knowledge, setting your content apart.

Streamlined Content Process

Efficiently input and integrate personal know-how, saving time and enhancing content quality.

Better SEO Rankings

Content enriched with expert insights sees higher engagement and better search engine visibility.

How Custom Insights at SEOwind work

3 simple steps to make your content unique


Toggle Custom Insights

Once your brief is ready, activate the Custom Insights feature.

Add Your Insights

Input your personal experience, data, and knowledge directly into the system.

Write AI article

Our AI takes over, weaving your insights into the article with precision. Each thought is placed strategically, ensuring that your expertise highlights the narrative, making it more insightful and Google-friendly.

SEOwind Custom Insights

What kind of information you can include in your insights

When using the Custom Insights feature in SEOwind, the information you can include is vast and versatile, aimed at enhancing the depth, relevance, and expertise of your content. Here’s a broad spectrum of what you might consider incorporating:

Personal Experience

Real-life examples of overcoming challenges or achieving goals that can inspire and educate your audience.

Expert Knowledge

Present trends, challenges, and opportunities in your industry that only someone with your experience would know.

Research Findings

Cutting-edge information and data that support your arguments or provide new insights into your topic.

Actionable Tips

Practical advice that your audience can apply, drawn from your own strategies and what you’ve learned works best.

Tools and Resources

Suggestions for tools, books, websites, or other resources that you find invaluable and wish to share with your readers.

Personal Opinions

Unique takes on current events, trends, or common challenges, offering a fresh perspective that can’t be found elsewhere.

Collaborative Insights

Collaborations with peers or mentors that offer a multi-faceted view on a topic, enriching your content with diverse perspectives.

Technical Explanations

Detailed descriptions of complex concepts made accessible to your audience, thanks to your vast experience.

Custom Solutions

Insights tailored to solving specific problems your audience faces, leveraging your unique expertise and experience.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Are custom insights available in each SEOwind plan?

Custom Insights Feature is available in Pro, Agency, and Enterprise plans. Currently, it’s not available in the Basic plan.

How does Custom Insights make sure my input fits well with the article?

Our AI breaks down your insights into smaller pieces and figures out the best spots in the article to add them. This way, it makes sure your expertise really shines through in the right places, making the article better and more interesting for readers.

Are Custom Insights good for Google?

Yes, Custom Insights are great for Google. They enrich your content with unique expertise and valuable information, which Google values highly. This can lead to better rankings and more visibility for your articles, as Google favors content that provides a high level of value to readers.

How do Custom Insights enhance the reader's experience?

Custom Insights add value to the reader by directly incorporating unique expertise and real-world experience into the content. This not only makes the information more credible and informative but also provides practical advice and insights that readers can apply in their own contexts, enriching their understanding and engagement with the topic.

Tom Winter

I’ve been testing and using AI tools since 2021, and nothing I have seen comes close to what I’ve seen SEOwind produce regarding 1st draft quality for SEO-related content. What’s scary is that it will only get better with time.

Andrew Holland | Director of SEO, JBH

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