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About us

Hi! We’re Kate and Tom, co-founders of SEOwind.

We’ve been co-founders for the last 10 years. In love with SEO.

In 2012 we’ve started our boutique online marketing agency. It was quite a journey. We learned online marketing from the inside out. We became strong believers of inbound and content marketing, fascinated by how creating valuable content for the customers can bring results to Google. Not only in traffic but also in conversion and revenue.

Although we enjoyed running our agency, we felt that something was still missing. We were responsible for individual projects. However, we were not able to take full responsibility for marketing efforts. We wanted to be in charge.

In 2015 it was about to change.

We met the technical founders of DevSkiller, a SaaS platform for verifying programming skills. The project was in its early stage with one beta tester. We decided to join forces and become co-founders responsible for marketing and sales. It gave us a great opportunity to test various approaches to content marketing, SEO and its technical aspects, do experiments, growth hack, optimize. We saw what worked and what didn’t. We saw patterns.

With most of the resources going to product development, we’ve created a great working organic machine that brought us thousands of trials per month. We’ve scaled the company to a moment where we had paying customers from over 85 countries. In June 2021, we decided to step back from being operationally involved and start our next journey.

Throughout the last 10 years, we’ve developed SEO frameworks that work and tested out various tools and data sources. Human as a Service way with dozens of customers from all over the world.

We got to the point where we believe it can be done in a much quicker and optimized way.

That’s how SEOwind was born.

We are creating a tool that is your SEO expert and content writer in one, on-demand, every time you need them, in seconds, not weeks or months, scalable on a push of a button.

We partnered with Lukasz Zelezny, the best SEO freelancer in the UK according to Clutch. Great SEO expert, and a person to work with.

Lukasz Zelezny

What you should know about our team:

  1. We know SEO inside out.
  2. We’re SEO practitioners.
  3. We’ve tested a lot of frameworks and approaches.
  4. We know what works (and what doesn’t)
  5. Results are what drive us.
  6. We’re passionate about content marketing.
  7. We’re pragmatic.
  8. We embrace ownership and responsibility.
  9. We don’t like BS.
  10. We’re experienced business-oriented people.