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Hi! I'm

Tom Winter

Enthusiast of AI and SEO. Digital marketing expert. Self-taught programmer. Sales veteran. An entrepreneur at heart. Holding a unique mix of skills and business experience.

I firmly believe that the size of your marketing team doesn’t determine victory – it’s all about playing smart. Over time, I’ve honed a treasure trove of tools and strategies. It’s time to share these, so your team can level up.

My mission

My mission is
to show small marketing teams that their potential knows no bounds.

I believe in the power of the underdog. It’s my mission to equip small teams to outsmart the corporate Goliaths. Ever ready to challenge the established norms, I bring to you tried and tested tools and strategies.

Tom Winter

Get to know me better

An experienced SaaS founder, I’ve scaled my company from humble beginnings to a global footprint in 100+ countries. 

Now, I use that firsthand experience to supercharge other ventures.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a unique technical aptitude and analytical prowess blend. Sprinkle this with a creative mind for marketing growth, and you have a powerful combo. I’m a self-driven person that is always hungry for more. I’m bringing Sales and Marketing together to boost growth. 🚀

Passions and Expertise

Sharing knowledge fires me up!

Through the ups and downs of establishing businesses, I’ve mastered an arsenal of strategies and tools to supercharge marketing and sales. 

Leveraging AI to scale companies has opened doors to limitless growth opportunities.

Treasures I’m excited to share:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Growth Hacking
  • Search Engine Optimization  
  • Content Marketing
  • SaaS & Startups
  • Entrepreneurship

What I believe in

I’m excited about the future

These are my predictions on how AI will disrupt SEO and content writing: 

3 Key Points

  • Wave hello to a huge uplift in the quality of AI-generated content.
  • As AI outperforms traditional methods, many SEO experts may find themselves grappling with a loss in clientele. Their customers will see a decline in traffic, and most SEO pros will struggle to pivot their strategies effectively.
  • Content writers, brace yourself for evolution into editors managing a squad of AI writers.

Podcasts & Interviews & Webinars

Explore past events Tom was a part of

Fueling content creation with AI

Jordan Wilson from The Everyday AI show talks with Tom about scaling the content creation process with Artificial Intelligence.

AI Revolution in Marketing: Embrace Your Superpowers

Tom Winter discusses the impact of AI on marketing and how marketers can adapt to this evolving landscape.

Using ChatGPT for Content Marketing

Ashley McGovern chats with Tom about: misconceptions with AI and writing, easy ways to get better responses from ChatGPT and how he’s using AI at his company.

The Art of AI Prompts

During the webinar with Andy Holland, I will share my expertise in creating AI prompts and leveraging them effectively in SEO.

Digital Marketing Insights Show

Tom talks about his experience in SEO and what he believes is happening in SERPs at the moment. He talks about the impact AI is having in the industry and how his software is utilising AI in organic search

Workplace Whiz

The world of Artificial Intelligence. What does it mean for workplaces? How is it reshaping the way we work and collaborate?

Anatolii Ulitovskyi & Tom Winter

Why AI in Content Marketing? It’s not just about automating tasks. It’s about enhancing them.

Panelist – Founders Mind

During the conference in June 2023, we discussed best practices to scale the company globally.

Building SaaS products

In Episode 3 of The Smart Play,  Joseph Rudd, speaks to Tom about his approach to building businesses and developing new products.

Master the SERPs

From Keyword Research to SEO Content Creation. With Steven Schneider – Founder & CEO of TrioSEO

Turn Content into Conversions

Fueling Business Growth with Content Strategy. With Trish Seidel – Head of Content at DJUST

Scale or Fail: Boosting Marketing Agency

Productivity in AI World. With Andrew Holland – Director of SEO at JBH.

How to humanize AI-generated content? 

Humanize your AI. Engage Your Audience. Grow Your Business. With Jesse McFarland from SpearPoint Marketing.

Interview about SEOwind

Ruediger Dalchow from 20i talks with Tom about SEOwind and creating briefs.

SEO & Content AI tools

In this episode, Jesse McFarland interviews Tom, co-founder of SEOwind, about the intersection of SEO and AI.

Let’s get to know each other

I’m all about sharing and delivering value.
Let’s empower small marketing teams!

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