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Put your Content Team on steroids 

Great content starts with thorough research and a content brief. Our AI-driven content brief generator outlines the perfect content quickly, effortlessly, and at scale using SEO data. In minutes, not hours.

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SEOwind features

Powerful Content Brief Generator

What do you get out of SEOwind?

Research great content, quickly

Get all the data on top-ranking SERPs, keywords, and questions in one place. No more dozens of open tabs.

  • SEO data for top-ranking pages,
  • Their titles and meta descriptions, outlines, length, and keywords,
  • Keywords clustered with AI,
  • Relevant questions from Google, Quora, and Reddit.
Research great conten
Create Content Outline

Create Content Outline with a couple of clicks

Build your comprehensive outline in minutes. Within 10 minutes you’ll have a content brief that is objectively better than your competitors.

  • Quickly scan through top SERPs,
  • Click any headings and questions you find relevant to your outline,
  • Make your content more comprehensive than all the other pieces combined.

Discover highly-relevant trefwoorden

Write content that ranks not for one keyword, but for dozens of keywords.

  • Get keyword research on top SERPs
  • Identify keywords top SERPs are ranking for in the top 30, with search volume above 10, 
  • Choose the keywords that you would like to cover.
Discover highly-relevant keywords
Take advantage of powerful AI

Take advantage of powerful AI

We use AI to generate automated SEO content briefs – relevant, and comprehensive, based on tons of SEO data which keeps AI on track for nailing the search intent.

  • Without providing AI with data we would get creative content that wouldn’t rank.
  • You can either rely fully on our AI outline, enrich it with your own ideas, or do it on your own.
  • Use AI to quickly write engaging and eye-catching titles and descriptions.

Answer the right questions

Deliver value to your audience by answering their questions, and addressing their pains and needs. 

To ensure you’re answering questions your audience is interested in, we pull in related:

  • People Also Ask Questions,
  • Quora Questions, and
  • Reddit Questions.
Answer the right questions
Get your content structure right

Get your content structure right

Create content that stands a fight with top SERPs. Base it on data, not hunch. 

Use our recommendations on: 

  • word count,
  • number of headings, and
  • number of images. 

Easily share with the content writer

Once your brief or content outline is complete, you can share the link directly with your content writer.

You can also copy it to your clipboard and paste it into Google Docs or Word – just the way you like.

Easily share with the content writer

SEOwind is een geweldige tool die het maken van content briefings vereenvoudigt en ons in staat stelt het maximale uit onze content te halen. Zozeer zelfs dat we afscheid hebben genomen van SEMrush - niet langer nodig!

Nina Hoedlmayr

Nina Hoedlmayr
Hoofd Marketing, Yodel.io

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Content Briefs powered by AI

Have a look inside SEOwind features

Top SERPs analysis

Top SERPs Analysis

Get an in-depth analysis of top pages – their meta tags, word count, outlines, and keywords.

AI-generated outline

AI-generated Outline

Create an automated content outline based on tons of SEO data to nail the search intent.

AI keyword clustering

AI Keyword Clustering

Use keywords grouped by similarity to ensure your content is comprehensive and relevant.

Top SERPs’ Keywords

Top SERPs’ keywords

Identify keywords top SERPs rank for in the top 30, with search volume above 10.

keyword context

Keywords context

Get a better understanding of keywords by looking into where and how they were used.

Overzichten van concurrenten

Quickly scan through competitor headings to build your own content brief.

Questions from Google

Questions from Google

Use People Also Ask questions to better address your audience’s needs and pains.

Questions from Quora

Questions from Quora

Take advantage of Quora questions and deliver additional value to your audience.

Questions from Reddit

Questions from Reddit

Use Reddit questions and discussions to get deeper insights into what your audience needs.

AI-generated title

AI-generated title

Use AI to get creative, and eye-catchy title for your content.

AI-generated meta description

AI-generated meta description

Create a meta description that triggers conversions.



Get clear recommendations on content length, number of headings, and images to rank.

We operate globally

Languages and locations we cover

Prepare content briefs in over 180 locations around the globe in the following languages:

  • English
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What is SEOwind?

SEOwind is an SEO Content Tool that lets you create SEO-based Content Briefs in minutes, not hours. We provide you with tons of SEO data so that you can create content that ranks.

What languages and locations does SEOwind support?

Currently, with SEOwind you can create content briefs in over 180 locations around the globe. We are also covering 12 languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish. 

How can I create content outline?

The fastest way to create a content outline is to use our AI. Based on SEO data we will prepare a comprehensive content outline. You can also create it on your own – just click on headings and questions you find relevant to add to your outline.

How long does it take for SEOwind to prepare content brief?

The process starts with the keyword, location, and language you choose. Then SEOwind analysis the top-performing pages to get all the relevant information. It takes up to 2 minutes to have the data researched, filtered and analysed.

What do "Questions to answer" cover?

In de sectie Vragen om te beantwoorden vindt u de lijst met vragen van Google (People Also Ask), Quora en Reddit. 

SEOwind analyseert en voorziet u van veel gezochte vragen, zodat u kunt begrijpen wat voor soort content uw publiek zoekt en in geïnteresseerd is.

Tom Winter

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AI-generated SEO content briefs that work

based on data

Based on data

Don’t waste time digging through tons of SEO data. Get all you need in one click.

AI powered

Powerful AI

AI built within the content briefing process makes it even more efficient.

increase organic traffic

Meer organisch verkeer

Create content based on data and enjoy driving more organic traffic.

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