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The comprehensive Guide MarketMuse vs Frase Alternatives

Looking for a modern content optimization solution? Look no further. MarketMuse and Frase may be comprehensive, but they haven’t kept up with the times. Don’t settle for outdated software.

Compare MarketMuse vs Frase vs SEOwind below.

MarketMuse vs. Frase

Also why choose SEOwind 

over MarketMuse and Frase?

SEOwind gives you a complete SEO tool for creating content that ranks.




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SEO Content Brief auf Basis von Daten
AI-generierte SERP-Gliederung basierend auf
Analyse des Inhalts der Konkurrenz
Häufig gestellte Fragen von Nutzern
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Fragen von Reddit
KI-generierter Titel
AI-generierte Meta-Beschreibung
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150+ Länder


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SEOwind ist ein großartiges Tool, das die Erstellung von Content Briefs vereinfacht und es uns ermöglicht, die maximale Leistung aus unseren Inhalten herauszuholen. So sehr, dass wir uns von SEMrush verabschiedet haben - nicht mehr nötig!

Nina Hoedlmayr

Nina Hoedlmayr
Leiter der Marketingabteilung, Jodel.io


Schnell und effizient

Wie funktioniert SEOwind arbeiten?

Create comprehensive Content Outlines based on SEO research and data. In minutes, not hours. Enjoy the traffic you generate with SEOwind.

Demo ansehen

01. SEO-Recherche in Sekundenschnelle durchführen

Geben Sie ein Schwerpunkt-Keyword ein und SEOwind analysiert, was in Google rangiert. Wir geben Ihnen Überschriften, sekundäre Schlüsselwörter und Fragen, die Sie einschließen sollten. Außerdem erhalten Sie eine Empfehlung für die Wortzahl, die Anzahl der Überschriften und Bilder.

02. Rapidly build the SEO Outline

Verwenden Sie den SEOwind Outline Builder, um aus der Recherche eine umfassende Gliederung zu erstellen.

Check what Google values and make it better.

03. Nutzen Sie die Vorteile der KI

Want to be even more efficient? Generate AI Outline based on SERPs and SEO data. Generate title and meta description powered by AI.

04. Brief mit dem Verfasser der Inhalte teilen

Once you have your brief ready, share it with your content writer. You can either use SEOwind shareable link to your brief or export the brief to docs.


MarketMuse Details

Was ist MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is ein marktführendes SEO-Tool. It focuses on strategy and planning.

Die Lösung nutzt in hohem Maße KI, um eine All-inclusive SEO-Tool, das ermöglicht es den Nutzern, eine Strategie zu entwickeln und umzusetzen von Grund auf neu. Dies ist das Tool für Unternehmen, die mit einer einzigen Lösung praktisch jede Phase ihrer SEO-Prozesse abdecken möchten.

Was also macht MarketMuse so wirksam?

01. Content audit 

MarketMuse allows you to conduct a thorough evaluation of all of your marketing materials to identify topics that have been covered and compare your coverage to that of your competitors. It also shows you how to structure your content to stand out.

02. SEO-Forschung

MarketMuse analyzes a broad range of competitor pages and conducts SEO research. The insights gathered from this analysis include statistics on the topics covered, the types of content that rank higher, and the user intent behind specific search queries.

03. Optimizing content

MarketMuse provides recommendations to improve your content. By analyzing high-ranking pages, it suggests specific keywords and phrases. Additionally, it determines the optimal length for your content and offers tips to engage readers at every stage of the customer journey.

01. All-in-one SEO tool

MarketMuse offers a comprehensive range of SEO functions within a single platform, making it a suitable choice for enterprises seeking an all-in-one solution for their SEO needs. It covers content analysis, keyword research, content briefing, and optimization.

02. Streamlining content creation

While automating research is a great time-saver, utilizing collected data to create your content is challenging. By leveraging the capabilities of AI to produce summaries and initial drafts, you can kick-start the creation process and publish optimized content.

03. Greater insights into your content

MarketMuse offers a comprehensive analysis of all your published content, enabling you to identify the areas of strength and weakness in your website’s content. It also facilitates the detection of content gaps in your catalog, making it easier to address them effectively.

01. Komplizierte Arbeitsabläufe

MarketMuse offers numerous features to its users, but the downside to these functionalities is the increased complexity of workflows. Using this tool effectively requires considerable time and training, as well as some educational experiences to become completely proficient.

02. Interface challenges

Navigating through the application can be a daunting task. It may require a significant amount of time and experimentation to fully understand its functionalities. Once users become familiar with the interface and develop a trial-and-error approach, they can effectively leverage the tool.

03. Expensive pricing plans

To utilize the full range of features that we have described, you would be required to pay a monthly fee of $150 per user. This price point can be challenging for several small businesses, making it a hindrance to their growth and adoption of MarketMuse.

Frase details

Was ist Frase?

 Whereas MarketMuse is primarily content optimization software, Frase emphasizes writing assistance. It draws upon AI to deliver an assistant that simplifies research and directly produces content.

It is well suited for small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers, as well as agencies looking to get started with content optimization, speed up their research process, and understand who’s ranking for their chosen keywords and why.

01. Content briefs

With Frase, users can create SEO-optimized briefs quickly, instead of spending hours on SERP research. This is possible because Frase analyzes, dissects, and centralizes the best content on the internet, providing users with a single platform for research.

Frase provides a detailed analysis of the main keywords, headers, and concepts used by SEO competitors, giving users a competitive edge in content creation.

02. Content writing assistant

Frase supports content writing and simplifies the writing process for businesses. Users can produce SEO-optimized copy using Frase’s automated outlines, product descriptions, blog introductions, and FAQ’s.

Moreover, users can get automated suggestions that help complete sentences and entire paragraphs. Frase also includes a feature that improves writing quality by automatically paraphrasing and rewriting passages.

03. Content optimization

Frase provides a content optimization feature aimed at assisting users to create search-engine-optimized content. It utilizes a topic model to score users’ content against that of their competitors.

Furthermore, the tool enables users to identify the keywords that are essential to include in their content and compare them with their top competitors to improve their content’s optimization for maximum search engine visibility.

01. Time-saving research

By gathering all the essential information on competitors’ content, Frase speeds up content creation process.

02. Removes writer’s block

Frase’s writing assistant makes it easier to create relevant content by autocompleting sentences and writing paragraphs. 

03. Content optimization

Frase helps you identify keywords and topics to include in your content to make it rank better.

01. Limited writing assistance

Frase doesn’t include many possibilities regarding writing assistance. You can use it to write short paragraphs or autocomplete sentences. However, it will not help you write more comprehensive content.

02. Complex product UI/UX

The interface and user experience are fairly complicated, meaning that the tool will take time to learn.

03. Simplified content optimization

Frase’s content grader is mainly based on keywords and the number it is used in the content. This can serve as a direction, however a simplified one.

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